Stratosphere: baron. bares his soul through his music

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Since his debut in 2021, the singer-songwriter baron. has already accumulated a discography of 5 songs with over 1 million streams. Although the Canadian-Korean mostly sings in English, he also harmoniously intertwines Korean lyrics to fully convey the heart of each track. His passion for music goes way back. Having grown up performing in his church choir, he knew from a young age that he wanted to express himself and create his own art through music. 

With hip-hop influences from the West like Post Malone, Juice WRLD and The Kid LAROI and Korean styles like Penomeco, DPR Live and Sik-K, baron. blends these elements together to create his own distinct sound. By fusing both Korean and Western hip-hop styles, his goal is to forge his own musical identity to entertain listeners. Despite having only a few tracks out presently, he puts his heart and soul into making each release a visual and auditory treat for everyone.

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Here are 3 tracks from baron. to check out.

1. Diamond Spoon

His latest release, Diamond Spoon puts a creative spin on the term “silver spoon”. It highlights the shallow nature of today’s society and aims to invoke distress. Even with introspective lyrics, this Post Malone-esque is the perfect chill track to listen to on a late-night drive.

Drop top, donuts in a Bentley
Bag chasing, Yamazaki empty
Cause money ain’t be waiting by my doorstep
Hit the metal on a brand new foreign

2. Where You At 

The addictive melody paired with honest lyrics conveyed in a conversational tone makes this track one that will definitely stick to your ears. He expresses the yearning for someone and the loneliness that comes along with it, making this a song many can relate and vibe to.

When the night falls, I lay here alone
I can’t fall asleep so I count sleep
I never learned to be alone
Being alone is too lonely

3. Love No More

In his debut single, baron. explores the mixed emotions of two lovers who aren’t meant to be. With poetic and visually striking lyrics, it is one that will make you feel the depths of a melancholic relationship. The ‘breakdown’ part is especially resonant, making this track a poignant visual and auditory experience for everyone.

Baby don’t you leave me now cause the sun’s come up
Save me from the darkest hour when the city shines stars
I feel the loneliness seeping through my veins
I feel the emptiness in me when it rains

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