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Starting out as a Soundcloud cover artist, it wasn’t long before homezone started releasing his own songs in 2019. He was also previously known by his biological name, hongjong, before changing his stage name after signing to his current company. With each release, he continues to grow, and the range of genres in which he dabbles has definitely broadened.

His voice is relaxed and mellifluous, and his music has a particularly homey feel to it. Regardless of the subject matter of his lyrics, he spreads warmth that soothes the soul. After releasing only singles, homezone finally released his first mini-album Manchild in 2021. Like the album title suggests, the songs encapsulate the theme of growing older while staying a child at heart. It’s a chill R&B album tinged with pop and ballad influences.

Photo Credit: @whereisyourhomezone on Instagram

Here are 3 tracks from homezone to get you in the zone.

1. Manchild

As part of his 1st mini-album, Manchild captures the uncertainty one feels as one reaches that awkward age where you’re expected to transition from a child to an adult. With an upbeat melody, he bends notes with ease to create a comfortable vibe to the whole song. While singing about a desire to return to the simpler times of the past, he also intertwines his hopes for the future in the lyrics to create an overall lighthearted track.

We are nothing but a Manchild
Stuck in between that nothingness
Just narrowly hanging in there, tolerating it

2. Like We Turn the Pages

Like turning the pages of a book to move on, this song talks about putting struggles of the past behind to begin a new chapter in life. homezone hopes that whenever someone feels anxious about their life, they can listen to this song and find strength. He writes his lyrics in a sincere and conversational tone, reassuring listeners that they have someone they can turn to as they live the story of their lives.

Even all your sorrow
They will be far behind
In the pages that we turned so long ago

3. Warm

Coping with a global pandemic has not been easy. And homezone expresses the dread of being apart from loved ones while providing solace that warmer days will come. In a world where the human touch is discouraged, this song offers the warmth you need to feel all fuzzy inside.

When spring comes,
Everything melts like snow and disappears
On this path,
Shall we put up a flower together?

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