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Photo Credit: 크르르 krr on Facebook

Since the four-member band debuted in 2017, krr has rarely revealed their identities. Even while browsing on their official Instagram and YouTube pages, the band does not appear physically in much of their content. Instead, their album covers and music videos portray sights and sceneries of daily life. Opposed to fancy details and graphics, their editing style is simple. Focus is put on capturing ordinary people as they go about in their lives. This makes their music videos much more relatable despite differing backgrounds. Maybe this is also why they have chosen not to reveal much of themselves online – to focus on conveying sincere stories through their music.

Photo Credit: 크르르 krr on Facebook

krr has also only released singles throughout their career, with a soothing aesthetic style for their album covers like the ones below.

Photo Credit: 크르르 krr on Facebook

Here are 3 tracks from krr to check out.

1. Big Wave

Their debut single, Big Wave encapsulates the universal feeling of loneliness and how it can come like a big wave when you least expect it. Paired with a calm piano melody, the lyrics seek to comfort by letting you know it’s okay to let big waves crash in your heart at times. 

Now in the times without you,
I was pretending to be okay
Then on a forgotten day,
You come as a wave

2. Our Clumsy Hearts

A relatively upbeat track compared to their other singles, Our Clumsy Hearts reassures that it’s fine for someone to be unfamiliar with love. It’s a sweet song that expresses how the little things in life can amount to so much in someone’s heart. 

Even if our hearts are a little clumsy
We’re holding hands, and it won’t change
Hold tightly onto the edges of this dark night
I’ll go anywhere with you

3. My Regards

Through the conversational lyrics, My Regards sends a message to someone they haven’t seen for a long time. It captures how longing for someone can just creep up your mind even when life is going on as usual.

Rather than thousands of words
The arms that held me
I have no idea why
They are especially clearer today

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