Stratosphere: Korean Spring Tunes to make your Soul Bloom

Stratosphere Spring Songs

Spring comes, and with it is the cheerful promise of hope, love and fresh beginnings. The air around almost immediately becomes pregnant with possibilities, and as Hemingway once wrote, “When spring came, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” And although Singapore may not have cherry blossoms that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the season in all its glory. Here are some of the cheeriest spring songs to get you in the mood!


1. Bom, by BOL4

From the blooming of cherry blossoms to the fluttering of a heart in love, Bom is the quintessential spring song that perfectly captures every emotion of the season. BOL4’s sweet vocals are just the cherry on top of the cherry on the cake.

I don’t need any cherry blossoms,
I just wanna be next to you,
right next to you


2. Spring Love, by Wendy (of Red Velvet) feat. Eric Nam

Eric Nam lends his dreamy vocal flavor and complements Wendy’s angelic voice perfectly. The song talks about a love that has slowly blossomed just in time for spring.

Be my spring,
I’ll always be your flower
I hope we can melt each other
and open each other up


3. Hopefully Sky, by Jeong Eunji (of Apink) feat. Hareem

Spring is not just a season for happy couples. Eunji wrote this song to talk about the love she has for her father and how she longed to see him.

Dad where do I go
So I can live like your heart did


4. Spring In Me, by Yesung (of Super Junior) feat. Dalchong

This mellow duet from Yesung and Dalchong is a song about hope and finding love. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of flower petals in the sky.

On the day the flowers filled the world
We are together


5. The Loved One, by Standing Egg feat. Windy

While not technically a song about spring, the cheerful rhythm makes this song fit right in with the rest. Standing Egg’s airy voice sings about a world where her love has consumed everything.

I want to look at only you
Even if you have the whole world
In a world without you
There is no meaning



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