4 Reasons why Hotel Del Luna is a must-watch K-Drama in 2019

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Hotel Del Luna
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The drama may have concluded its run but viewers are still raving about it. The Hong Sisters (Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran), known for their popular romantic-comedies such as You’re Beautiful, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox, and Hwayugi have once again captivated many people with their latest drama: Hotel Del Luna.

As one of the most popular k-dramas of 2019 so far, there are many reasons why it became one of the highest-rated tvN dramas of the year, and we’ve summed up 4 reasons why you should catch Hotel Del Luna if you haven’t already seen it!

1. The Exquisite Fashion Styles

The first thing that will catch your eyes in this drama are the multiple lavish outfits and accessories that IU dons, with perfect makeup, shoes, and hairstyles to match. A mix of vintage and a classy style, many have tried to recreate her outfits and makeup from the drama.

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Photo Credit: tvN 드라마 (Drama) Facebook

You may even try your hands at recreating her beautiful hairstyles with the helpful tips from her stylist in this video:

2. The Star-studded Cast

You may recognise some of the actors and actresses that made a cameo in this drama: like Sulli (former member of girl group f(x) who has since moved on to pursue her career in acting), Lee Jun Ki (those who have watched Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo may rejoice as the actor reunites with his co-star, IU, but this time as an eccentric exorcist), as well as many others and a special guest at the end of the finale who had all the viewers shook.

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Not only are the cameo actors star-studded, but the main cast themselves also have an astonishing number of years in experience combined.

Yeo Jin-goo, who, despite his age, has 14 years of experience as an actor in the industry and even bagged quite a few awards along the way as he rose to fame through his lead roles in other dramas and films.

Lee Ji-eun, better known as IU, who has cemented her popularity as a singer-songwriter, is now making waves in the acting industry as she starred in The Producers, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and even a Netflix Special called Persona. Her constant improvement with every role she takes on has been extremely impressive, making her role in Hotel Del Luna exceptionally moving and captivating.

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Alongside these two main leads are idols Kang Mina (Gugudan) and P.O. (Block B), as well as veteran actors Shin Jung Keun and Bae Hae Sun. Some other familiar faces like Park Yoona, Oh Ji-ho, and Kang Hong Suk also make their appearance as important characters in the drama.

The characters’ chemistry and experience all tie in together to give the storyline that edge and moved many viewers to tears!

3. The Captivating Storyline


The storyline has it all: mystery, love, comedy, and an element of bittersweetness and even with… a little horror.

You will find yourself immersed in the backstory of the characters who reside, as well as those who work, in Hotel Del Luna. You will also find yourself waiting to see how Jang Man Weol (IU) and Ku Chan Seong (Yeo Jin-goo) develop their relationship. All of this wonder is added to the mysterious backstory behind Man Weol’s life before becoming the owner of the hotel and Chan Seong’s previous life, as well as how their lives had crossed.

The suspense keeps you craving for more as you wait out to see if the story between the leads will end in a happy ending.

While there is an ongoing debate about how the drama should have ended, it is no doubt that the storyline was bound to move viewers through laughter and tears.

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Photo Credit: tvN 드라마 (Drama) Facebook
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Photo Credit: tvN 드라마 (Drama) Facebook

4. The Amazing and Emotional Soundtrack

The enchanting soundtrack dominated the charts throughout the drama’s run, as the tracks were revealed one-by-one alongside each week’s episodes. It’s no surprise that they generated even more curiosity towards the drama as it featured popular artists and big names of the Korean music industry such as Heize, Chung-ha, Taeyeon, and Red Velvet. Even IU herself had revealed a special soundtrack just for this drama. The constant release of these amazing OSTs left the viewers excited for every new episode!

Coupled with the drama’s amazing cinematography, the elements of the drama elevated its fantasy filled plot and charmed viewers off their feet.

We shall let the music do the talking from here:

Are these reasons enough to convince you to start watching Hotel Del Luna yet? Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen it and share your thoughts!

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