Stratosphere: Doctor Yizzle, the remedy for your soul with his raw authentic music

Doctor Yizzle
Photo Credit: Doctor Yizzle

Over the years, Asian-American music has gained prominence in various scenes. And amongst these other talented artists, Korean-American artist Doctor Yizzle is one to look out for. His journey to pursue music has not been without challenges in an industry where visibility for Asian artists is still limited. But his enduring passion for hip-hop and music has kept him going.

His songwriting journey began during his schooling years. But it was only after his initial dream of becoming the first Korean-American NBA player was dashed by an injury, that he focused more on honing his craft in music. Since then, he has dedicated more time to studying the music industry in-depth and observed how different artists have progressed in the music scene over time. To him, something that stood out was how different artists were able to maintain their longevity. 

Doctor Yizzle
Photo Credit: Doctor Yizzle

Doctor Yizzle’s music is distinguished by the raw, authentic energy he injects into each track.  He seeks to convey honest and sincere stories and life experiences throughout his music. He crafts each track with great care, covering topics ranging from loss to healing to manifestation and mental health. “I touch upon every emotion that a human being feels, because I am a human and I create when I genuinely go through things,” he explains. One day, he aspires for his music discography to be rich with quality music that fits every mood listeners are going through.  

When asked about his creative process, he describes it as a spiritual experience where he would lose track of time just creating for 5 hours straight. Feeling connected to the main melody of the beat is the most important step to getting started for him. He’d be carried away from there, creating melodies, writing witty lyrics, and finally polishing the track with other instruments and sounds.

“I enter my own little world where nothing else matters but the music, thus propelling me to truly create from my heart.” 

Feel the varying energies that Doctor Yizzle exudes through these tracks!

1. wake me up!

His latest release centers around the theme of anxiety. He hopes that by listening to this song, listeners will be temporarily relieved of their anxiety and be drawn into the song’s enchanting atmosphere.  

Wake me up when the stars fall down my love
Tell me why I should keep trying my love
Yeah I promised you that after you, there would be no one else
So wake me up when the stars fall down my love

2. Guilt

The guitar and drums are extremely addictive and enhance the charm of this track. With lyrics talking about escaping from reality and a guilty conscience, it’s a compelling one to vibe with. The abrupt ending will also definitely leave you wanting more and clicking on the replay button immediately.  

So dance the night away
Forget about your problems and hide away
Find a way, I wanna go away
Lose myself for this very one night that I have with you

3. Dark Knight

His strong rap skills will be sure to take your breath away in this explosive track. The sophisticated and thrilling sound is enthralling to listen to and will make you feel like the superhero in your life.

Murdered out
Cruising in K-town
Earn my respect
Best protect your neck


With such a captivating and diverse discography, you can definitely be excited for what Doctor Yizzle will put out moving forward. He also expresses excitement and strong desire towards collaborating with a huge list of artists. Sabrina Claudio, Lisa/Jennie from BLACKPINK, Dean, Miso, SUGA from BTS are some of them to name a few. While there are no concrete plans so far, as Doctor Yizzle continues to evolve and hone his craft, the chances are never zero. 

And just like his name suggests, he strives to “heal the world with his music and help people”. To reach his goal, he promises, “I am going to keep evolving and make the best music I could possibly create.”

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