Mom’s Touch – A taste of Korean Fried Chicken finally in Singapore

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Mom's Touch

Frequent visitors to Korea will find this establishment familiar, that is because Mom’s Touch is now opened at Paya Lebar Quarter. With over 1,200 outlets in South Korea, the highly anticipated franchise is finally here in Singapore!

They are exceptionally known for their Fried Chicken and Thigh Burger, which resulted in us trying out their Mom’s Thigh Burger, Mom’s Fried Chicken and Mom’s Spicy Sauce Chicken.

The queue and waiting line was still relatively longer than expected given that we visited on a Thursday night and a week after their official launch, if you are heading down during dinner time, be prepared to wait for quite some time.

The chickens are hand-battered with their Mom’s Touch secret mix of seasoning for a crispy, tender and flavourful, definitely different from what you can get elsewhere.

Mom's Touch

From now till 31 October 2019, you can get your hands on a Mom’s Thigh Burger Combo Meal at only $6.80 (U.P. $8.20). It comes with a crispy deep-fried chicken thigh with lettuce, pickles, onion, burger sauce in between two toasted sesame buns. Flavour wise, this is your standard chicken burger but on a drier side. It also comes a drink of your choice and fries. However, instead of regular fries, Mom’s Touch serves Cajun Fries! It adds a nice bit of savoury flavour and a slight bit of a kick. You can also choose to top up another $1.80 for Cheese Cajun Fries.

If are a someone who loves all things spicy, go for Mom’s Spicy Sauce Chicken! A 2 pieces meal is $8.90 and it comes with 2 pieces of deep-fried chicken smothered in their special spicy sauce, which is a good combination with the fried chicken. It is sweet and spicy yet not the type where the spiciness hits your throat immediately. It is more of a mellow spiciness which kicks up after a few more bites. If you order this, you can return your sachets of chilli sauce provided for your fries, as Mom’s Spicy Sauce is on another level compared to your basic sachets!

If you are not a fan of spicy food, you can try their Mom’s Fried Chicken instead! For $8.70 you get a 2 piece meal and it comes with Cajun fries and a drink too. You get 2 pieces of crispy chicken that are definitely juicer than the Mom’s Thigh Burger that we tried!

Do head down and try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Mom’s Touch
10 Paya Lebar Quarter #01-37 Singapore 409057
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)


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