Stratosphere: oceanfromtheblue creates ever-changing waves with his music

Photo Credit: @oceanfromtheblue on Instagram

Waves can always come back to the same ocean, but they will never be the exact same wave. Singer-songwriter oceanfromtheblue’s music is just like so. Also formerly known as Ocean, he creates music that evolves as the seasons pass by in his life and echoes the depth of humans’ emotions, like the ocean. To him, making music allows him to record all his life experiences down with his voice.

From recounting his urge to leave behind his depressive past in his ‘Take Off’ EP to a heartfelt album with words he wished to say to his loved ones as tracks in his “Messages” EP, his songs are filled with sincerity while staying true to his alluring sound. By incorporating these relatable life experiences into his songwriting process, he also hopes that others can empathise and receive comfort through his music.

Photo Credit: @oceanfromtheblue on Instagram

Experience different waves each time with these 3 tracks from oceanfromtheblue.

1. i am

This is a song he mentioned that he would recommend to first-time listeners, together with ‘girl (feat. BLOO)’. It starts off with a catchy description of himself using ‘168cm, 62kg, low nose bridge…’ as the lyrics. Paired with an addictive tune, these quirky lyrics will grab the attention of every listener.

An ordinary me
I who lived without anything special
I dared to love you
I love you

2. sherlock

This R&B track is sweet on the ears with his smooth melodies. With such soothing vibes, this is the perfect song to wind down to after a long day.

It feels like I’m sherlock
My heart flutters when you are next to me

3. For Myself

This track came about when he realised that he was neglecting himself by spending his energy on other things and people around him. Through this soulful song, he wanted to take a breather to put himself as the priority. With the positive message this song conveys, he hopes listeners will also feel comfort and warmth listening to it.

I want to scream with all my might
I’m gonna love me for myself

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