Stratosphere: WH3N, a soulful voice for whenever you’re down

Photo Credit: Shofar Entertainment

WH3N comes from ‘when’ and the singer-songwriter aspires to be one that can create music without restrictions on any genre – music for whenever and wherever. He made his debut as the first artist selected through Shofar Music’s rookie discovery project “Find Them All” in 2017. 

Known for his resonant voice tone, he elevates the sensibilities in every song he creates. He is the perfect mix of sentiment and dreamy. Whichever track you choose to listen to, the earnestness in his voice is sure to have you coming back for more. 

Photo Credit: Shofar Entertainment

Here are 3 tracks to soak in WH3N’s soulful vocals. 

1. Call

WH3N solidifies his distinctive soulful voice with this debut track. His vocals strike a perfect balance with the trendy beat, creating an appealing track that hooks listeners in right from the first play. The lyrics take on a more personal approach, as it’s written as if he is dedicating them to their former lover on a call.

Calling me like this
Reminding me again
Don’t torture me
You’re awful
This doesn’t change anything

2. Love is over

While the lyrics express the toxicity of a relationship that has gone sour, WH3N’s sentimental tone contrasts the cheerful tune to create this interesting track. The chorus is mischievous with its rhymes, conveying the dynamics of a push-and-pull relationship.

We’re all bad and we’re sick
And who is at fault?
We don’t even let each other leave
Because of our exhausting pride

3. a song i like to sing

A simple guitar melody is more than enough to convey such delicate lyrics to sweeten your day. The lyrics talk about how it’s hard to explain what someone means to you although you know it was easy for them to fill your heart with such joy. This lovely message will be sure to tug at your heartstrings!

To explain what puts you in this song
Oh it’s very difficult
To hold you in my heart
Why was it so easy

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