Stratosphere: Nerd Connection connects with their music in this chaotic world

Photo Credit: Nerd Connection - 너드커넥션 on Facebook

It’s 2022. It’s been three years and yet the pandemic continues to affect lives around the world. And in this chaos, Nerd Connection offers solace with their music. The four-piece band started when they first met as schoolmates in a rock band club, Medusa in Yonsei University. They had humble beginnings, playing at small pubs in Hongdae and Sinchon. As they performed covers of other artists, the desire to express their own dispositions and sensibilities grew. This led them to form Nerd Connection to create their own music. Even their band name first came from a band name maker! Although it was meant to be a temporary placeholder, the name soon grew on the members. 

The band dabbles in psychedelic rock with influences from various Western bands in the 1900s and 2000s like Radiohead, Oasis and Coldplay. Korean artists like Kim Kwang Seok, Sanulrim and Nell are also inspirations for them. Like their slogan “어지러운 세상 따뜻한 음악” which means “warm music for this chaotic world we live in”, they seek to incorporate various emotions in their music to maximise the catharsis listeners can feel from their music.

Since their debut in 2018, the band has steadily grown a loyal fanbase with their entrancing music that provides peace and warmth for the heart. They also continue to perform at small pubs to build a sincere and personal connection with fans of their music.

Photo Credit: @nerdconnection_official on Instagram
Photo Credit: @nerdconnection_official on Instagram

Connect with Nerd Connection’s music with these 3 tracks.

1. Good Night Good Dream


This track encapsulates their unique music style of ‘oriental psychedelic rock’. Even with a strong band sound, the vocals resonate with a powerful force. The solo guitar during the bridge is also something to look forward to. It builds up further to make this one that works well as both an empowering track and a lullaby.

After the dark night passes
The story will disappear but
Like a nameless flower
I will stay by your side

2. Life Dancing

They released their 1st album ‘New Century Masterpiece Cinema’ in 2021 with 12 tracks, all coming together to solidify their unique band sound. Among them is Life Dancing. It compares getting through life to dance. The chorus is simple and catchy, making it easy for anyone to sing along.

And we’ll be one, two, three and dancing
Life goes four, five, six and dances

3. Nan

The Korean title ‘두려울뿐야’ directly translates to ‘I’m just afraid’ and the lyrics express the fear of struggling with adulthood in the world. With a carefree and bubbly sound, it is a sweet song to alleviate your worries on a hard day.

The misunderstandings here and there
are increasingly more tangled
Just afraid
I’m just afraid   

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