Stratosphere: Post Valentine’s Day Songs

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Love it. Hate it. You still feel the presence of Valentine’s Day lingering around, and with it comes either the promise of eternal bliss or the throes of heartbreak and rejection. Whichever state you’re in, we’ve got you covered with the best love songs for every stage in the relationship.


1. LOVE, by Primary feat. Bumkey and Paloalto

This upbeat track is about how love slowly creeps up on you and before you know it they are consuming your every waking thought.

I can call it love
My babe
This feeling is sneaking up on me


2. OCEAN, by CRACKER feat. Hoyeon Kim

After coming to terms with the quivering of your heart, you slowly surrender yourself. Like sinking into the sea, you fall deeper and deeper into the throngs of love and think about the possibilities.

I’ll be honest, I’m in your world
I’m slowly going deep inside your heart yeah
Falling to you all day
Would you like me too?


3. IWST, by Junggigo feat. Hoody

Junggigo’s sweet spring song talks about the pains of wondering if you were in a one-sided romance and the difficulty of confessing your love. But pluck up the courage and maybe happily ever after awaits!

Now I can say it
I wanna say that I love you
From the moment I saw you until now
There was never a moment I didn’t love you


 4. Muse, by Woodie Gochild feat. Jay Park and Sik-K

With your heart in bloom, love lets you look at everything through rose-tinted glasses and nothing seems impossible!

Ur my coffee in the morning
I’ll never be lonely
Every day, be with me baby


5. Lost Without You, by Mad Clown feat. Bolbbalgan4

It hurts to break up. After all, you let someone into your life and shared some wonderful times together, only to have it snatched away from you. The pain is natural and you may spend the first few days, weeks, months or even years grasping at the faintest sliver of memories. But like most things, it will only get better with time.

When you look back, if it’s still love
If it’s still love
Then will you find me, who is crying?

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