Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Are you still scrambling and scrolling through social media trying to find out what to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Thinking of doing the usual candlelit dinner with chocolates, roses, and huge balloons as gifts? Let’s be honest, that’s just a bit too predictable and clichéd by now…

What else can you do? Well, it’s 2020 and NEW GRAVITē is here to help you with that! We’ve compiled a list of pocket-friendly to elaborate gift ideas that will be sure to make your partner go “Daebak” this Valentine’s Day! (You can thank us later!)


D-I-Y Gift Idea

1. Handmade Dosirak – Old School Lunch Box (Korean Style)

Here’s your chance to show off your fancy culinary skills (or lack thereof)! Lunch boxes are not only filled with your effort and sincerity, but they also satisfy your partner’s tummy. As the saying goes, the path to your partner’s heart is through his or her stomach.

This old school Korean lunch box mainly consists of rice, kimchi, sausages, egg and a sprinkle of sesame seeds, made easy to consume. All you have to do is close the lunch box and shake it up for an evenly mixed delicious meal.



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For the amateurs, check out the tutorial from Cookat:

Old School Korean Lunch Box (Cookat)

<Old School Korean Lunch Box> is totally amazing <3

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Posted by Cookat on Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Feel free to add a twist to the recipe and remember to shake it up!


Gift Ideas for Her


You can never have too much clothes and that goes the same for bags! Bags are such an essential because they serve as an accessory, not only do they add on to your style and they are very practical. A perfect bag would be one that looks pleasing to the eye and can store many items at the same time. At MARHEN.J, they strive for a practical design while keeping a minimalist lookMARHEN.J offers a variety of bags ranging from clutches, sling bags to handbags.

The RICO collection is one of their most popular bags, watch this 1-minute review to find out why they are trending constantly!


Their newest collection, LUCY POP, features a small-sized bag with a long strap available in vivid colours. The bright colours provide a refreshing look regardless of your attire, the perfect touch to a date outfit we would say!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
Photo Credit: MARHEN.J

MARHEN.J is currently available locally at Sift & Pick, a flagship store. They are also having a promotion for this Valentine’s Day, click here to find out more!



Sift & Pick

OUTLET LOCATION/OPENING HOURS: https://www.siftandpick.com/flagship-store


2. STONEHENge Jewelry

Don’t we all agree that accessories are so important for outfits and they can level up up your look in an instant?

STONEHENgE pursues a “timeless beauty” whereby its designs focuses on simplicity and elegance. STONEHENgE‘s products are often used by celebrities in South Korea and can be seen appearing in dramas too! They have different series and collections for daily wear, work, and special occasions.

Check out these beautiful collections:

Image may contain: text that says "Daily Earrings F0141 T1357 T1339D"
Photo credit: STONEHENgE
No photo description available.
Photo credit: STONEHENgE


These gorgeous earrings are also often worn by many Korean celebrities!

Image may contain: 1 person
Photo credit: STONEHENgE
Image may contain: 1 person, close-up
Photo credit: STONEHENgE



OUTLET LOCATION: https://www.takashimaya.com.sg/post_store/stonehenge/

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook & Instagram

Gift Ideas for Him

1. LG Electronics

If your budget allows, electronics are one of the best and most practical gifts you can get. Depending on your partner’s hobbies or lifestyle, you can get him/her an upgrade or something they don’t own yet. Be it for grooming, for housework or for leisure, LG has a wide range of electronics for you to choose from!

Here are a few of our favourite picks from LG.

When integrated with Google Assistant, the LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK7 Speaker can perform simple voice commands. Want to play music in the background while you’re cooking or too lazy to press play? Simply use the voice command and go hands-free!

Photo Credit: LG Electronics

This 27-Inch monitor is the world’s first 1 millisecond (ms) Nano IPS gaming monitor, the LG 27GL850UltraGearTM. It’s just right if you’re looking for an upgrade for your other half’s gaming set up!

Photo Credit: LG Electronics


LG Electronics

OUTLET LOCATIONS: https://www.lg.com/sg/where-to-buy

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook & Instagram


Bonus Idea : Beauty Makeover at Leekaja Beauty Salon

How about giving your partner a little beauty surprise down at Leekaja Beauty Salon? Other than hair cuts, perms and treatments the salon provides other services such as manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping and many others. Choose from the huge selection of services and give your partner a little beauty makeover 😉

Cinderella treatment is one of their most popular treatment, it gives non-frizzy and soft hair as a result, perfect for the date night!


Another popular choice would be the Root Volumizing Perm, it stops your hair from looking flat, giving it a boost of volume after a long day out.


One of our editors at NEW GRAVITē has been down to the salon for a Korean Digital Perm, do check out our video for the amazing transformation!



OUTLET LOCATION/OPENING HOURS: http://www.leekaja.sg/contact

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook & Instagram


That sums up our Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and hopefully, it will put an end to your last-minute scramble. If all else fails, remember that whatever you decide to do, it’s always the thought that counts! Here’s hoping you will have a sweet and successful Valentine’s Day!

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