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Photo Credit: @movning_official on Instagram

Although the band MOVNING was only formed in 2013, the trio has been close friends living in the same neighbourhood since they were young. Their strong and tight friendship is apparent in how they offer a harmonious blend of indie and alternative rock. With tracks that convey the subtleties of life and the human condition, there is definitely one that will resonate and move you. 

Before they debuted with their own single in 2016, they spent the 3 years honing their skills and developing their own musicality as a band. They have participated in Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk and SHINee Jonghyun’s ‘Crazy’ showcase and broadcast activities to establish themselves as a diverse band. 

Photo Credit: @movning_official on Instagram

With a motto of “Forever our youth, MOVNING”, they are the band to go to when you are feeling nostalgic and yearn to relieve your old memories.

Here are 3 tracks from MOVNING to check out.

1. Everything I Love Will Make Me Cry

Even with a simple melody, this song is packed with nostalgia and sentiment. They sing of the struggles of finding themselves with reassurance that it is okay to cry. Their sensibility is further conveyed in the chorus where just changing a few words offer a different type of warmth.

Oh all the things that I have loved
Will make me cry
Oh all the many things that have loved me
Will all make me cry

2. Magellan

MOVNING expresses the pursuit of happiness in the form of an adventure in this song. Leaning to their alternative rock side, this track has a relatively grander sound. As it escalates to the ending resembling a successful expedition, the splendid instrumentals are sure to inspire a cathartic release for every listener.

A compass without a needle
Where will you lead me
Will today’s tears become tomorrow’s pride?
Someday, will you take me to happiness?

3. The reason we need pain

This single starts off with a beautiful piano intro that sticks to your ear immediately. With earnest lyrics hoping for someone to persevere in life, they offer solace and comfort to those having hard times by reminding them of the beauty in this world.

What will this pain give me?
Whatever will happen, live today
Let your tender heart grow till your fingertips
And live tomorrow too

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