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Consisting of Roco and Conan, the indie power duo (who are actually married in real life) are the perfect exemplification of easy-listening music. After hearing Roco sing in a church, Conan realized he had to make music with her and the group officially debuted in 2014. They began dating three years later and got married in late 2018. Talk about sweet!

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Although Conan usually stays behind-the-scenes to compose, Roco’s delicate voice lends well to Conan’s heartfelt lyrics and the unimposing nature of their musical style is a key ingredient of their success. The couple has made a name for themselves composing soundtracks for Korean dramas such as Descendants of the Sun and Goblin, and even for idols such as Ailee and SHINee’s Onew.

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Outside of soundtracks, Roco is often Conan’s muse and appears as the ‘face’ of the duo in many of their songs and album covers. Conan himself often takes on the persona of a teddy bear in photoshoots and music videos as he feels teddy bears are often more approachable. The duo also often draw inspiration from their own lived experiences, such as growing up and marriage. Art truly does imitate life for Rocoberry!


Here are the top three tracks you should check out from Rocoberry:


1. Again

Released back in 2016, the duo look back at their life and their fears of growing up. The song ends on a relatively optimistic note, perhaps alluding to the fact they had developed feelings for each other?

Even though it was harder today
But look forward to tomorrow again
I look forward to tomorrow again


2. Goodbye, fall

As autumn ends and the season gradually changes to winter, this melancholic song reveals how the ending of a relationship can paint the world around you in an entirely different light and exemplify the coldness and loneliness one feels.

I guess I missed you this much
I guess I thought about you that much
and all the things I couldn’t do for you


3. Hot Summer

Rocoberry’s music isn’t limited to slow, dreary tunes! We’ve all had moments we’ve wished to relive, and this song is about someone looking fondly back on a summer that was well spent but is now nothing more than a memory.

Like clouds in the blue sky
My mood was always floating
With every touch of your stroked hair

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