Stratosphere: BIBI is eccentric, electric, and eclectic

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Born Kim Hyungseo, BIBI (which is short for her original SoundCloud moniker nakedbibi) is all about being her true eccentric self.

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BIBI first appeared on music show The Fan, delivering fun electric renditions of songs such as Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby, before eventually coming in second. Months later, she made her solo debut with BINU.

Part of being herself means that the songstress doesn’t subscribe to any one genre. Her voice is sultry and sensual, lending well to whichever genre she commits to. She weaves between R&B and ballads with ease, and somewhere in-between she’ll even be rapping. Perhaps such experimentation is her finding herself, but it also means that no two releases are the same. In 2020, she released the cutesy teenage pop-inspired single ‘cigarette and condom‘, only to take a 180 in her latest release ‘BAD SAD AND MAD‘ which is dark and borderline sexual. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that BIBI’s eclectic soul will continue to surprise as she continues to explore and push boundaries.

Photo Credit: Instagram (@nakedbibi)

Here are the top three tracks you should check out from BIBI:

1. I’m good at goodbyes

This groovy track features jazzy undertones as BIBI laments the pending departure of a lover.

No matter how much I cry, I can’t hold you
I’ll slightly wet it with my tears, and send it away


2. Eat my love

A cute upbeat track that’s oddly reminiscent of early 2000s English pop in both sound and lyrics with BIBI asking her crush to accept her love.

Love is difficult, feelings are complicated
And I’m still not good at it, is something wrong?

3. Restless

Mellow and melancholic, this slower track where BIBI bares her heart asking to be noticed is a departure from her usual sound and the perfect display of her versatility.

Show me your feelings
Whisper in my ear
Oh so that only I can hear

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