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Starting out as a SoundCloud artist in Vancouver, the Korean-Canadian has since moved to Korea to become a rising artist in the Korean R&B industry. JUNNY comes from a highly artistic family, with his two older brothers working as a painter and chef, each telling stories through their own mediums. Hence, he was able to receive tremendous support and confidence from his family to embark on this career.

Dedicating his passion and time to music since young, his skills extend over various instruments – guitar, piano, trumpet and the drums. He has also constantly honed his lyricism and composition skills. JUNNY’s growth and adaptability with music can be seen in both his songs and the tracks he produced for other artists. Some of his most popular writing credits include Kai’s 음 (Mmmh), IU’s Troll (co-composer) and more recently JAY B’s FAME (feat. JUNNY).

Photo Credit: MAUVE Company

Here are 3 tracks to relish in JUNNY’s sweet vocals for yourself!

1. Handle You

Released in one of JUNNY’s earlier EPs ‘Genuine’, Handle You seduces with its sensual melody. To JUNNY, ‘Genuine’ was a project that was more experimental where more thought was put into the storytelling and theme of the album. As one listens to the whole EP, it’s evident that he’s seeking to find his own style and sound.

I hesitate, I hesitate
Most of my days, when I’m without you
She makes me say, I’m on my way
Just hold on; I’m trying to see if I can handle you


Over the years, JUNNY has definitely sharpened his craft and solidified his own unique sound. MOVIE is a clear testament of that. This song captures the dreamy feel of a relationship that plays out like a romance film. Paired with an easy-going melody, it’s one that will definitely stick to your ears.

Suddenly my life has turned around like a movie
It was once all black and white
But thе way you look at me brings color to my life
So won’t you smile? I’m shooting a moviе

3. sober (feat. YOUHA)

JUNNY offers a mesmerizing tune in his latest duet with YOUHA. While they sing about the regrets left behind from a break-up, their gentle vocals are sure to make hearts feel warm and comforted on the inside.

I’m gonna be honest, can you tell me
Why am I sober?
Days go by while I feel empty inside
I can’t stop thinking about you

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