Stratosphere: Off The Menu serves a buffet of delectable tracks for every listener

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Off The Menu is a trio band that seeks to create music that transcends various genres, like a buffet catering to different audiences. After entering the indie music scene in 2019, they released their first EP ‘Contact’ in 2020. Like the title suggests, the band wishes for their music to connect with their listeners emotionally and spiritually.

As all three members had previously stayed in the States when they were younger, you will find that many of their songs are written in English apart from Korean lyrics. They explain that some Korean phrases sometimes do not stick to the melodies as smoothly as English words do. Nonetheless, the combination of English and Korean lyrics with sweet melodies might be a good way for them to gain international traction soon.

Photo Credit: Instagram (@otmsound)

Here is a 3-track-course meal to check out from Off The Menu.

1. Settle Down

Released in their first EP ‘Contact’, they express their earnest sides with Settle Down. The lyrics talk about the sincere feelings people have towards someone they love. ‘Love me love me like you do’ is repeated throughout the song, making it an addictive one to listen to.

You’re the only one shining in this grey city
I want to be together till it’s sunrise
Love me love me like you do
Where we stand alone
I want to be with you forever

2. Soft bench (feat. SFC.JGR)

Despite having similar loving lyrics like the one in Settle Down, this song captures the heart-fluttering feelings with a more upbeat and cheery tone. Compared to their previous EP release, Soft bench also has a softer sound with an easy-going melody that reminds one of spring.

I’ll only ask you for the last time
Whenever you need me for day and night
I’ll take responsibility for a lifetime
I’ll only look at you

3. Wonderland

The trio’s latest release is entirely in English paired with an entrancing drum and bass guitar melody. Even as the song builds up to an explosive chorus, it’s still easy on the ears and is definitely one that will lift your spirits.

Are you gonna be okay?
And it’s getting even hard to breathe
But I don’t want you to feel left out

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