Stratosphere: Stratosphere turns two!

Stratosphere June 2021

Another year has passed and Stratosphere now turns two! As usual, we’d like to take this opportunity to look back at some our featured artistes and check out what they’ve been up to.

1. Hondam

Hondam has finally (re)debuted! It turns out that the songstress who has been mostly quiet since the start of the year has been busy preparing to launch her first digital single, Bloom. The light and breezy track is perfect for summer and showcases Hondam’s powerful vocals well.

She also released a video on her personal channel where she answered 50 questions about her life. Through that, we were able to learn that her real name is Kwak Soojin and she looks up to Davichi as role models. Even more surprising are her favorite foods – tteokbokki, salmon poke, and nasi goreng! Yes, that’s right, nasi goreng!

2. Youngji

While Youngji hasn’t released any new singles, the rapper has been all over the news since our post about her seven months ago.

Back in December, Youngji overslept and missed the chance to take her College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT). When asked whether she was worried, the rapper shared that she hadn’t even studied and was planning to take the test only to lower the bell curve! In a world that’s often a little too academically-obsessed, it’s nice to see someone who doesn’t take herself all too seriously.

Photo Credit: Instagram (@youngji_02)

Youngji has also been hard at work maintaining her image! The rapper unveiled a dramatic difference in her face and body, the fruits from months of dieting and exercising. It’s heartening to see her bolder and more confident in her own skin, and we look forward to what comes next.

3. slchld

The indie artiste continues to be the voice of millennials and zoomers everywhere with more relatable releases. Our only complaint? That the songs are way too short!

It’s often difficult to adapt to a life of singleness when so much of your life was shared with your significant other, and pieces perfectly encapsulates the sheer rawness of post-breakup emotion.

So tell me why you wanna be alone
So tell me why I have to be alone

slchld continues to lament the loss of a relationship and a newly found life of singleness in alright, singing about the struggles of healing and just being okay.

No stars to be found on these long nights
Just wanna be alright

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