10 Korean Summer Fashion Trends to try out in 2020

Summer K Fashion

Fashion enthusiasts out there have no doubt heard about the ever-popular Seoul Fashion Week held every year! With all the creative designers and inspirations shown previously, it is safe to say that it is one of our favourite Korean events year-round.

Although due to the recent event of Covid-19, the 2020 Fall-Winter Seoul Fashion Week got cancelled, the 2021 Spring-Summer Seoul Fashion Week will be held in October as scheduled. While we look forward to this magnificent event, why not get a head start first?

We’ve compiled a list of Korean summer fashion trends so we can all hold our mini exclusive Seoul Fashion Week at home! Unleash your secret modelling talent in the comfort of your own home and have your own little catwalk down the runway, which is basically your living room.

1. Neon

Neon colours are bright and bold, one of the hottest fashion trends in Korea this summer. For those of you who are keen to go full Neon, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll get more eyes on you than usual in public. Wearing bright Neon clothing is a surefire way to get that some attention in the room!

A pro tip: try wearing Neon at a night event for a fantastic light up the night experience!

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2. Floral

We just can’t seem to resist the beauty of flowers! Florals have always been a popular print in Spring and that’s the same for Summer. They are especially great when it comes to amping up a simple outfit! You can already see popular K-pop idol group TWICE, Korean freelance model Rock Chae Eun, and Korean fashionista and television personality Kim Na-young spotting on their beautiful floral prints.

Note: Match the florals with a flower-scented perfume for the sweet summer-perfect combo!

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3. Puff Sleeves

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I was a little nervous about showing my family and real life, but I'm so glad you guys loved my previous video😊 Thanks for accepting me the way I am. I know I'm not a perfect person, and I make lots of mistakes in my life. You will see me sometimes being sulky and not polite enough. I just wanted to be myself in front of you guys, too. In the next episode of Behind The Kims, you can see me and my dad go shopping together 😁 He took these photos, too! Haha. I just wanna say I feel always appreciated to you all, and I feel really loved. 😍 p.s. my mom does not like this dress 😂😂😂 I tried my best but my boobs are too flat to have cleavage lol. We should give up for the things we can never have sometimes. 영혼까지 끌어모았지만 티끌이구나. 김지나가 부릅니다. "가질 수 없는 골"

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Puffy Sleeves are a fantastic way to add volume and characteristics to any outfit instantly. Lately, puff sleeves are a hit in Korea with many Korean YouTuber like Jina Kim wearing it. Puff sleeves are also an easy way to spice up any outfit since they add an extra touch to the typical flat and lifeless sleeves.

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4. Monochrome

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Ahh, the classic black and white style is back again. You can never go wrong with the classic minimalistic look.

Monochrome is one of the simplest fashion styles you can follow. Literally, all you need is two colours – white and black, and BAM, you’ve got monochrome. The possibilities are endless with black and white, checkered clothing, blacktop, white bottoms, vice versa, and even something as simple as a white outfit with black accessories are part of the monochrome style.

Join #themonochromegang and rock your day with the classic style!

5. Single Colour

Look cool and look good with single-coloured fashion. Pretty bad at mixing and matching colours to create the perfect #OOTD? Forget about being colourful because a single colour will do the trick, and it saves you a ton of time rummaging your closet for something nice to wear. We are definitely taking some #singlecolour #OOTD this summer!

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6. Long Pants

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When we say long, we mean it. These long pants cover your entire legs, from thighs to ankle. We know what you might be thinking at this point: how am I supposed to wear long pants in such a warm country like Singapore? Well, long pants don’t mean it has to be uncomfortable; these long pants in style are comfy and cooling pants without trapping any heat while still in trend! It’s a win-win situation!

7. Maxi Skirts/Long Skirts

Lately, Maxi skirts are flooding Instagram, with Korean influencers wearing various style and design of maxi skirts. Maxi Skirts are great for office ladies where we can keep our legs warm in the freezing office without having to put our bags on our laps to keep our goosebumps sane. Who says you can’t be fashionable when you go to work?

Maxi skirts are easy-to-style, and they go well with almost anything, from a simple white top to a long-sleeved blouse.

8. Oversized Tees

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So, it’s 2020, and oversized tees are back in trend in Korea. Since most of us are still cooped up at home working or studying, oversized tees are convenient, which is the perfect solution for the lazy us.

Due to the long nature of the oversized tees, sometimes we can even forgo wearing shorts underneath, simply because they are long enough to cover our knees. Okay but please don’t go out without shorts that might attract unnecessary attention.

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9. Plaids

Plaids go well with almost any outfit, no matter what colour or style. Plaids come in all sorts of different colours, from the classic red and black, to yellow and green. You can pair a plaid jacket with a simple white top, or wear a long-sleeved plaid matched with a short skirt.

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10. Long Dresses

We absolutely love dresses, and now long dresses! Dresses are so quick to style as you literally only need to pair them with accessories and shoes, there’s no need to spend time thinking what bottoms should you match with your top! All you need to do is to grab a dress, wear it, put on some accessories and with shoes on, you’re out of the house. How fast is that?

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Voila! There you have it, a concise list of Korean summer fashion trends for 2020. Become a Korean fashionista at the comfort of your home, take a break from work, relax, and be creative with your private fashion show. If you attempted to do a catwalk and fell, we wouldn’t judge, we promise! After all, it’s your fashion show. Stay home and stay safe, everyone, till next time.


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