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Having spent six years in America, some time in London and even Spain, Woo ‘OOHYO’ Hyoeun is the definition of a carefree soul.

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The constant traveling has made it impossible to discern her accent, but the indie artiste responsible for songs such as ‘Pizza’ and ‘Honey Tea’ is vaguely reminiscent of Kero Kero Bonito. From her soothing, airy voice to her generous use of synth beats, OOHYO encapsulates the very essence of a carefree pixie girl. But listen carefully to her lyrics and you will realize she is anything but. Her lyrics often meditate on pensive themes such as youth, adulting and unrequited or lost loves. She has cited her life living in various cities as inspiration for her music.

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OOHYO’s music contains certain magic rarely found in mainstream K-pop, and no, it’s not the fact her songs are sung mostly in English. The magic lies in just how simple her songs are. There’s no over the top mixing, and her emotions are always on display. They often sound like they’d play in the background of an indie romance comedy movie. Interestingly enough, in an interview with Korea JoongAng Daily she has revealed that although her songs are relatively urban through the use of synths, she used to think that such a genre was relegated to clubs and would consider trying out a different, more acoustic genre in the future.

Here’s the top three tracks you should check out from OOHYO:


PIZZA perfectly encapsulates the post-breakup heartache where nothing you eat or do feels the same now that you’re alone. But if you’re expecting a sad, dreary song, think again because OOHYO’s cheerful voice and witty lyrics lends an upbeat take.

Cause pizza sucks without you
It’s not a question of appetite
Pizza sucks without you


2. 안녕 (Goodbye)

The ending of a love story is often painful and saying goodbye is never enjoyable. In this breezy heartbreak song, OOHYO switches between Korean and English lyrics and captures the simple wish of everything being okay after a breakup.

I don’t want Goodbye
I don’t want it now



Off from her latest album Far From the Madding City, TENNIS is the first in an album that stresses the importance of self-love and escaping the urban life. The song likens the spirit of tenacity with a tennis player who never quits.

Tennis star
Why were you trying to forget


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