SHINE NOW 2020 returns with headliners Tablo from Epik High and viral comedian Uncle Roger

Photo Credit: Gushcloud Entertainment

The wildly successful youth ‘unconference’, SHINE NOW, returns this November as a virtual event!

Photo Credit: Gushcloud Entertainment

Last year’s successful debut saw the likes of K-pop star Jamie Park, Night Owl Cinematics co-founder Sylvia Chan, and Love, Bonito co-founder Rachel Lim, participating in keynote sessions, workshops and panel talks. This year, look forward to Epik High’s Tablo who will be sharing his experiences in the entertainment industry, as well as insights and advice gained throughout his life. Malaysian-born comedian Uncle Roger, who shot to fame after his viral fried rice commentary, will also be sharing personal recounts from his interactions.

Photo Credit: Gushcloud Entertainment

In preparation for the event, a podcast and YouTube series, titled “The NXT Level Podcast” and “Expectations vs Reality” respectively, will also be launched to bring the spirit of the programme to youth beyond the virtual event. Guests from various industries, such as content creator Munah Bagharib and multi-disciplinary artist Tan Yang Er, will come together to share insights from their respective industries and tips on success.

Event details

Dates: November 28 to 29, 2020 (Saturday to Sunday)

Time: From 11:00AM

Ticket prices: $15

E-tickets can now be purchased via their website.

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