Dance The Night Away With ACUVUE® Define® x TWICE LIVE

Define® by ACUVUE® Presents One-Night-Only Virtual Show with TWICE for fans to stay healthy and beautiful

Acuvue Twice
Photo Credit: ACUVUE® Singapore

Singapore ONCEs are in for a treat on this coming Saturday, 20 June 2020 at 7pm (SGT) because Define® by ACUVUE® will host its first-ever virtual show featuring the popular Korean girl group and Define® ambassadors TWICE!

For one night only, fans can get (virtually) up close and personal with each TWICE member as they show how they individually define their unique signatures with their favourite Define® by ACUVUE® contact lenses.

The live show is part of the #DEFlNEthanksU initiative of Define® by ACUVUE®, in collaboration with TWICE to connect with, entertain, uplift, and inspire women across the region to take back control of their health and beauty as they continue to stay home and gradually adapt to their new normal.

Photo Credit: ACUVUE Singapore

ACUVUE® Define® x TWICE Live will be streaming live for 45 minutes from Korea, fans can expect a live performance of popular TWICE songs and an engaging variety-style programme including a staring challenge and beauty tips by the members.

How to be part of the exclusive live stream?

The live stream will be hosted in a private Facebook group, exclusive to Define® by ACUVUE® fans in three simple steps:

  1. Follow ACUVUESG on Facebook
  2. Request access to private ACUVUE® DEFINE® x TWICE Facebook group
  3. Watch the virtual show on 20 June 2020 at 7pm
*Note: Access to the private ACUVUE® Define® x TWICE Facebook group will be granted within 48 hours, only to Facebook followers of ACUVUESG.

Be part of this exclusive one night only virtual show and visit ACUVUESG’s Facebook for more information!

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