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With the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere providing us with a nice respite from the sweltering heat, Singapore has seen nothing but cold and rainy weather these days. We’ve compiled the best Korean mellow tunes for you to chill to while snuggled warmly under your sheets. After all, what better way to spend the season than enjoying a well deserved break?


1. Sleep 잠, by Night Off

The indie duo consisting of eAeon and Lee Neung Ryong produced this relatively lo-fi track asking whether it’d be okay to lie down for just a bit to rest. Our answer? Of course.

In a warm dream
I’m going to rest a bit

2. Again, by Rocoberry

Indie duo Rocoberry look back on their life and the fear of growing up, ending the song on a relatively optimistic note. Fun fact, the duo are married in real life!

Even though it was harder today
But look forward to tomorrow again
I look forward to tomorrow again

3. Paper Crane, by PAHYO

Jazzy piano notes complement PAHYO’s sweet voice, making for a song that will transform your room into a speakeasy lounge. The song wonders about a love that might have mellowed out.

Like the night you held me tight
Will your heart remain the same

4. After The Rain, by SBGB

The female duo who made splashes with the Korean version of Card Captor Sakura’s opening are here to serenade with their latest album, Night Mood. While the entire album is worth a listen, After The Rain deserves a special mention for being exceptionally easy to listen to in this rainy season.

After the rain stops
I smile casually

5. Spring with You, by Vanilla Acoustic feat. 20 Years of Age

The best part about winter is probably spring, and Vanilla Acoustic sings a cheery song, perfect to listen to as the weather becomes warmer once again.

And I lean on you
in my eyes came a spring that’ filled with you

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