The Trilldon: Dynamicduo Show Review

Photo Credit: Amoeba Culture

Dynamicduo performed in front of their fans as part of The Trilldon showcase on 29 December 2022 at Drip Singapore, organised by NAYANA Productions.

For those not in the know, Dynamicduo is a South Korean hip-hop pair that debuted in 2004 and consists of rappers – Choiza and Gaeko. They are famously known for their tracks such as “Without You”, “BAAAM” and “nosedive”. The pair of best friends turned rappers eventually started their label known as Amoeba Culture and collaborated with many popular K-Pop idols such as HYOLYN, Chen and even produced a song for NCT 127.

Photo Credit: NAYANA Productions

I was contemplating if I should even attend the show in the first place as I was neither a huge fan of hip-hop or rap but since it was close to the year end, I thought I’d let loose a little and step into a club to unwind and relive my younger days (I’m actually not that old…)

We reached the venue about half an hour earlier to get a better feel of the club and were ushered to our table where we sat comfortably while waiting for the main act to begin. As the club was slowly getting filled with fans, my friend and I decided to get some drinks and Soju to loosen up and prepare for the epic performance.

Fashionably Late

Photo Credit: NAYANA Productions

In true hip-hop and rapper fashion, the main act appeared slightly late but eager fans were patient to wait for them. Meanwhile, the crowd got to enjoy the opening act by DJ Brizzy, a local DJ. Once the duo appeared, they mostly spoke in Korean given that it’s their native language and a huge majority of the crowd were Korean fans as well. They started off their set with 1/N and Career Night and it honestly felt like I was teleported to a club in Itaewon or Hongdae for a night (just without the tissues on the floor, iykyk…)

Crowd Went Wild

Photo Credit: NAYANA Productions

Did I also mention that the audience and the performers’ enthusiasm level that night was off the charts? The amount of interaction the performers had with the crowd was what any fan could ever wish for. From giving out high fives, getting the crowd to bop along to their songs such as ‘She Gonna Stop‘ (one of their newer releases), and even having smartphones close to their faces. Also, if you’re wondering about the gender ratio that night, it was a good mix of male and female fans so you won’t feel like an outcast on either side of the fence.

The Night Is Still Young

Photo Credit: NAYANA Productions

While the duo was about to wrap up their hour-long set, the crowd cheered for an encore and of course, they delivered with Friday Night that got everyone jumping before officially taking their leave. Not forgetting to mention, there was even an After Party for those who were still feeling the high from what they had just experienced. I personally took that as a cue to leave the scene as I wasn’t prepared to rave the night away.

Given that Dynamicduo was the first part of the Trilldon series, it was definitely a one-of-a-kind performance for fans of live hip-hop to enjoy their favorite music in a trendy club setting with world-renowned K hip-hop artists.

Now the question stands: should you go for a Trilldon show?

If you’re a fan of the artist performing, you definitely should! If you’re unsure like me at the start, go with an open mind because music is subjective and we can always explore different types and genres of music. I’ve personally discovered a few songs from Dynamicduo such as Johnny and Hot Wings that I’ve added to my personal Spotify playlist after that night, so I wouldn’t say no to the next one!

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