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Budding singer-songwriter Yebit first dived into the music scene with a ‘reckless ambition’. Although she started learning classical music at a young age and pursued music at Hanlim Multi Art School, her bronze award at the 29th Yoo Jae-ha Music Contest was the catalyst to kick-start her music career.

Photo Credit: @beamz.kr on Instagram

Known for genres like folk and indie, it’s common to see her performing with a guitar in hand. But this was not what she always wanted initially. When she was much younger, she was a fan of BEAST (now known as HIGHLIGHT) and yearned to be like them, dancing and singing on stage. However, after realising dancing wasn’t her forte, she decided to focus solely on singing and earnestly worked hard to master the guitar.

From then on, she also began posting song covers on YouTube and Soundcloud. She makes sure to sprinkle her own colour on all her covers and rearranges them to fit her style. Combining a mature sentiment with her clear and sweet voice, she brings a certain childlike innocence to every song. With this distinct tone, even the legendary rock band Nell’s Kim Jong-wan admits to being a subscriber to her YouTube channel on the audition show Folk Us.

Photo Credit: @beamz.kr on Instagram

Yebit’s stage name comes from her real name, ‘Yebin’ and ‘빛 (bit)’ which means light. With the warmth that her name holds, she also pours her heartfelt feelings into her music and hopes it will reach all her listeners’ hearts.

Here are 3 tracks from Yebit to check out.

1. Sarang

Light and cheery, this spring-like song will definitely brighten up your days. The lyrics encapsulate the sensibility and urge to grasp onto the beautiful moments of youth that others around her age would feel. Through this song, Yebit also wishes to convey a message of loving the future while appreciating past moments. As the title directly suggests, Yebit hopes that every listener will feel love for themselves in their own hearts.

When I walk down the street and turn back
I remember that wind in my face
As the warm sunlight shone down
I remember the curtain that grazed tenderly past my head

2. Blooming Days

The original soundtrack for EBS Docuprime ‘60세 미만 출입금지’ shows a 1-month journey of three women over 60s living in a share house to search for the meaning of old age. Equally enchanting and nostalgic, Yebit’s song perfectly captures the passing of time and how there is still much beauty to appreciate even in their golden age. 

Flowers bloom and flowers wither
Like the flowing wind, the years pass
The times we spent together
There were also struggles we faced

3. My Journey

Soothing rhythms paired with Yebit’s gentle voice make this the ideal track to listen to when you want to wind down after a long day. The lyrics will definitely comfort your soul and fill your heart with all the warmth you yearn to have.

Even if you run recklessly and rest
A little far away
Even if it takes time to go back
To this time where we loved

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