Stratosphere: Xydo, the boy who wants to try

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Growing up, Xydo‘s passion always resided in the arts but music was often just a hobby. Although he liked to sing, he had initially intended on becoming a designer due to his love for designing cars, but this all changed in University when he took a course on philosophy.

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Born Park Chiwoong, Xydo adopted the stage-name as a play on the word ‘try’ in Korean (shidohaja). Despite his initial hopes that people would recognize him for his love of music, through the years he increasingly wants to be recognized for his lyrics instead. In an interview with Ravi of VIXX, he expressed his wish that people would focus on how he expresses love through his lyrics even if it was a common topic. He also puts in effort into making sure there’s something new in each song and although the genre may be similar, he hopes listeners will be able to discern these differences.

Photo Credit: Instagram (@xydo_)

Another reason he adopted the stage-name was simply that he didn’t want music to become his entire life. Xydo does music because he enjoys it and the process of creation makes him happy (something any creative can identify with). He recognizes there are many experiences and realizations left waiting for him in life and hopes to feel happy from doing many different things. But for now, he’s happy doing music and is working hard to find himself through his music.


Here are the top three tracks you should check out from Xydo:

1. For Sure (feat. Cold Bay)

Xydo wrote this song in the hopes that it would heal the painful memories one experienced and make them feel better. The lyrics is a source of encouragement to anyone going through a tough time, promising that the sun will indeed rise again.

The nightmare that stressed you out until late at night

Don’t worry I’ll always be your side

2. #OOTD (feat. Coogie)

#OOTD is a groovy track about a girl who’s outfits are so on point that you can’t help but notice. It’s also Xydo’s debut track under his current management!

I like your OOTD

No matter what you wear

It just falls off like a look

3. Knight (feat. MRSHLL)

If Knight has a different vibe from Xydo’s other songs, it’s because he wrote this during a period of solitude! The song features much heavier beats and you can truly see his soul reflected in the music.

Dance alone

Lonely knight

Change my everything

Zeen Social Icons

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