Stratosphere: We Are The Night, the Indie Rock band for healing nights

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Having created music together since their high school days, the members of We Are The Night have dabbled in various genres of music before developing their own unique sound. Previously known as Rocket Diary in 2001, they released emo-influenced pop punk with a smattering of synth. 

As they grew from a high school band to the mature adults, they also felt a need for a change of sound. This led them to rebrand themselves as We Are The Night in 2013. As their name suggests, they seek to produce songs with a soothing nighttime vibe to them, a vast difference from their high-energy infused music back then.

Photo Credit: Facebook (WE ARE THE NIGHT)

While the global pandemic has ruined the plans of many this year, it does not deter the band from releasing their sixth album ‘Midnight Fantasy’. Through this album, the band wishes to convey hope and dreams for a better tomorrow. A free online concert was also streamed on YouTube for fans to receive some form of comfort during these times. A short documentary, ‘BLUE’ was also released, giving fans a deeper insight into their music production process and their individual lives.

Photo Credit: Facebook (WE ARE THE NIGHT)

Here are the top three tracks you should check out from We Are The Night:

1. One Another

In their latest release One Another, they sing about their longing for someone on a cold lonely night. Through these sincere lyrics, they confess about their own heartbreak while promising to cry with you through dark times.

How are you doing? I cannot sleep, what about you?
How was your day?
We are gonna be okay.
Take care of yourself.

2. Our Younger Days

Youth is always a confusing period in our lives. You develop your first crushes. You are expected to shoulder heavier responsibilities in life. Our Younger Days accepts that the transition from childhood to adulthood can be a big leap for many people. The repetition of the word ‘Why?’ in the chorus also encapsulates the inner turmoil every youth goes through. 

Why? Why? I hurt for no reason.
Why? Why? When I see you, my heart races.

3. Stones

Stones compares a human’s emotional well-being to a stone. The song starts out bleak but builds up to an explosive chorus, resembling someone letting out their pent-up frustration. Whether you’re a student overwhelmed by studies or an adult burdened by life responsibilities, this is a song that can certainly evoke a form of catharsis. 

My heart shivers
and the night bursts up like fireworks
The tears are shed
I think I might understand

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