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Stratosphere One Year

When we began Stratosphere we had one goal: to shine a light on the breadth of talent in the Korean music industry. It’s been a year and in this time we’ve brought you artistes from a wide range of genres and even an exclusive interview! As we turn one, we’d like to look back on some of our favourite artistes and check out their new tunes. We’re also always open to recommendations so if there’s an artiste you think we should feature, get in touch and share it with us!



From our first issue, we absolutely love this group of misfits who refuse to conform. Since then, lead singer Oh Hyuk has graced the cover of GQ Korea as a nomination for Men of the Year 2019.

Photo Credit: GQ Korea

The band also released a new EP, through love, in January this year with a brand new aesthetic and musicality. The EP ditches both the past naming conventions that featured their ages, as well as the meticulously crafted artwork. They’ve stripped off the fluff and in its place is a brand new sound that is earthier, groovier, but still distinctly Hyukoh. It’s the sort of album that has to be enjoyed in its totality with each song working together to create a refreshing blend.


2. SOLE 

The sweet songstress with a voice that turns everything to gold has been busy to say the least. Since our feature back in September 2019, she’s collaborated with Dynamicduo, Gaeko, and even ex Wonder Girl member Ha:tfelt (Yeeun). And that’s not even half of them! She’s also pushed out covers of Ariana Grande and Frank Ocean, and even started her own YouTube channel with vlogs and other content.

Photo Credit: SOLE (Facebook)

On the music front, she released a new mini-album, haPPiness, in May this year. It’s everything you’ve come to expect from SOLE: smooth, sweet and just the right amount of sultry.


3. Wedance

Since their concert at Baybeats last year, the duo of Wevo and Wegui have been out and about having fun and working on their new singles! As promised in their interview with us, they released two songs in May and June this year featuring their signature guitar riffs and beats you can dance to! The best part? Their songs are finally on Spotify so you can add it to your playlist for a guaranteed good time.

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