Stratosphere: The Poles make a splash with their electrifying music

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K-Indie rock band Wave To Earth has garnered a decent popularity of their own, with their recent concert at Capitol Theatre selling out in just a day. However, fewer may know about The Poles, another indie rock band closely associated with Wave To Earth. Other than sharing the same music genre, Daniel Kim is also the lead singer and frontman for both bands. Despite so, The Poles’ sound is also distinctively unique. 

The Poles first emerged in the music scene in 2017 and consists of members Daniel Kim (guitar and vocals), Kim Kyungbae (drums) and Lee Hwangje (Bass). Their music captures the essence of nostalgia with their melodic and soft rock elements. Combined with a strong band sound and impactful lyrics, their songs deliver the perfect balance of comfort and vigour.


Photo Credit: @thepoles_official on Instagram

Here are 3 tracks from The Poles to check out.

1. cares

This single is their first release after they recently joined WAVY, which is also home to Wave To Earth. It also marks the band’s return after two years since their first full album ‘The High Tide Club’ was released. Unlike their other songs that are primarily in the Korean language, this track is primarily in English. The lyrics resonate on a deeply personal level and serve as a reminder to embrace the present beautiful moments.

What holds you back?
I don’t know what it is
But just don’t look back
This body won’t endure forever
So I wanna live with an everlasting heart with you

2. Find Me!

Filled with pulsing energy, the strong rock elements would be able to catch listeners’ attention right from the start. The invigorating melody and bass line throughout the song also gives the song its infectious energy, bringing listeners on an electrifying musical journey.

So find me in this world
I won’t ask for much
Just don’t move away from my dream
May we stay here forever

3. Good Morning Sunshine

With uplifting lyrics describing the simple joys of being with someone you love, his song has a soft spring-like charm to it. Radiating pure joy, it resembles a ray of sunshine that brightens even the darkest days, offering solace and warmth to every listeners’ heart.

Let’s leave to wherever now
You and me holding hands
You and I living on
Like that

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