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With his lo-fi anime aesthetic, Takuwa, a Korean Hip Hop rapper is an otaku through and through. The stage name Takuwa is even an amalgamation of the words ‘otaku‘ and ‘kawaii‘. While the indie rapper officially debuted in 2018 with his album Kawaii Heart, he’s been actively involved in the rap scene since as early as 2015 under the moniker “Da face“. Under “Da face”, he even released a mix tape titled “Da face the best” via Soundcloud.

Photo Credit: Instagram (@natakuwaya)

While other rappers may be all about the bling, Takuwa’s brightly-colored anime protagonist hair and Harajuku-esque style brings something fresh to the rapping scene. And it’s not just his flashy style that’s turning heads, his raps are unique and are punctuated with generous use of onomatopoeia making his styles to be incredibly versatile. His eccentric personalities both on and off stage successfully stole the hearts of crowds and has won him many fans. In his recent appearance on Show Me The Money 8, a Korean rap competition, he managed to reach the semifinals, losing only to eventual winner Punchnello. His performance in the competition was truly impressive considering he survived ten entire rounds!


Here’s the top three tracks you should check out from Takuwa:

1.  Cheese&Bread (prod. laptopboyboy)

It’s space ranger meets Vegeta from Dragon Ball in this trippy song where Takuwa and his gang prowl the arcades. The lyrics spit fire and are a flex of his rapping prowess.

It doesn’t matter who you are
Digimon and Pokemon achieve peaceful unification


2.  타쿠와가 성현이랑 했던 거 (feat. Rose de Penny)

Like a Supreme gun rapid firing dollar bills, Takuwa spits out iconic onomatopoeia. And yes, with lyrics like ‘Swag flex dripping slat’ he actually shoots the Supreme gun in the video too.

Sky is the limit
My voice spreads and makes money


Photo Credit: Instagram (@natakuwaya)

3.  Movie Star (feat. Wednesday)

Takuwa shows off his versatility by changing up his style. In Movie Star, he delivers a smoother r&b sound and raps about wanting to be the protagonist in a love story.

I want to become a Movie star on this night
After I became the main character
Against you


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