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Many may not recognise Sondia by appearance given her relatively low profile in the music scene, but her name and voice may be well-known among K-drama enthusiasts. Sondia works as a vocal trainer in a practical music academy and generally does not release her own albums. However, she has lent her voice to a variety of OSTs for K-dramas. Every melody she sings is deeply filled with emotions, immersing listeners in moments of love and heartbreak along with the drama narratives. 

Her rise to prominence first came when she sang the OST ‘Grown Up’ for tvN drama My Mister. She was originally only scheduled to be the vocal guide but ended up becoming the main singer when director Kim Won-seok got mesmerized by her raw and haunting vocals. Since then, she has been frequently sought after to sing a variety of OSTs that span the emotional spectrum. While her public presence may be limited, her impact is anything but, as her vocals continue to resonate with audiences even after the K-dramas end.

Immerse yourself in these 3 soundtracks from Sondia.

1. Grown Ups

With her gentle and heartwrenching vocals, Sondia transports listeners into the depths of human vulnerability as it depicts the hardships of someone who has to face the harsh world all on their own. Despite its harrowing lyrics, she sings with a sincerity that also conveys hope that there will be better days ahead.

This long sadness, will it ever end?
Someday, for once, will warm sunshine fall down on me?

2. First Love

Befitting the sweet school romance K-drama series ‘Extraordinary You’, this OST perfectly captures the innocence and fleeting beauty of first love. Even after the drama has ended, this is a delightful one to go back to whenever you wish to reminisce about the bygone days.

You’re my first love every day
Just like snow in spring, I wait for you

3. Shine Like a Star

This song stands out from her other OSTs which are usually more emotional. It is an empowering and catchy anthem that encapsulates the perseverance and strength of the female lead in the K-drama series Doctor Cha.

The heroine is always me
I get up again whenever I fall down
Shine like a star, oh it’s me

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