Stratosphere: SOLE, the songstress who turns everything to gold

Photo Credit: @sounditsme (Instagram)

SOLE is probably Seoul’s best-kept secret.

Currently signed to Los Angeles based agency Devine Channel, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter only debuted in 2017 and also doubles as a producer. However, she is by no means new to the industry. Back in 2011, she was part of a five-member cover group called LiveHigh and went by her birth name, Lee So Ri. The group subsequently disbanded and she went on to appear on various singing competitions, including season 2 of The Voice of Korea.

In the past year, SOLE has been hustling hard. In June, she released an entirely self-composed (and mostly self-arranged) mini album with some of the best B-sides I’ve heard in a debut album. Besides that, she’s also had numerous collaborations with the likes of Dynamic Duo and Goopy. It’s just as well, since everything she’s a part of turns to gold. Consider it a superpower, her own version of King Midas’ Midas touch. Her voice is everything you’d want in a songstress — smooth, sweet, and just the right amount of sultry. There’s something oddly calming about her soulful voice and the laid-back vibe it carries to a tee.

Photo Credit: @sounditsme (Instagram)

If Instagram is any indication, other than pet tabby cat, SinB, and pizza, her life constantly revolves around music. Aside from the occasional Instagram video, she also uploads covers to Soundcloud (@sounditsme) from time to time. Nothing’s changed since her debut — she still swoons over her childhood idols (Dynamic Duo), posts mirror selfies and visits cafes and museums. All she wants to do is make music and live happily ever after.


Here’s the top three tracks you should check out from SOLE:

1. Nineteen

In an interview with MAPS, SOLE mentions how she went apartment hunting at 25 and was depressed by how quickly she was growing up. There was a huge difference between the thoughts she was having at 25 compared to the thoughts she had back when she was 19 with nothing to worry about. That served as the inspiration for this hauntingly beautiful song about growth and the past.

Feels almost like a dream
and I don’t wanna see
how I feel
this is my fantasy

Photo Credit: Apple Music

2. Slow

Slow is the song you listen to when you need a break from the hustle of living and need a momentary breather. It’s also the only song SOLE had complete confidence producing, with the final result exactly how she imagined it would be.

To the horizon that’s far away
you don’t have to go
you can stop for a while
it’s okay

3. Best Part (ft. THAMA) (Original Song by Daniel Caeser)

SOLE’s cover of Best Part with THAMA amassed 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud, and for good reason. Perfect pronunciation aside, her voice is on perfect display here and gels well with THAMA.

If life is a movie
Oh you’re the best part

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