Stratosphere: Seori, the dark dreamy goddess

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Seori creates her own cosmos in the music industry with a signature galaxy theme across her music. Starting as a cover artist on YouTube, she quickly gained traction for her resonant and ethereal voice colour. In May 2020, she made her official debut as the first artist under ATISPAUS. Her futuristic and dreamlike concept shines through not only in her music but also in the album designs and music videos.

Photo Credit: ATISPAUS,
Album covers from left to right: ?depacse ohw, Trigger, Lovers In The Night, The Long Night

Her debut EP titled ?depacse ohw reads ‘who escaped?’ in reverse. Like the name suggests, the EP centers around the theme of ‘escape’. From escaping to their past memories to a desire to seek out a new reality and freedom, every track explores the idea in its own unique ways. For fans who wish to dive deeper into this whole universe, Seori has created of her own, novellas are also released on their website. 

Despite emerging into the music scene only a year ago, she has also collaborated with other artists from various music genres. Recently, she collaborated with TOMORROW x TOGETHER on their latest title track, 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You). Although it was her first time attempting a pop-rock sound, Seori proved that her entrancing voice is not limited to any specific genre.

Photo Credit: ATISPAUS

Here are three tracks to check out and experience Seori’s cosmos for yourself:

1. Running Through The Night

Seori yearns for escape after a long day through this light and liberating track. The lyrics are bittersweet as she sings about a desire to run away and experience that moment of freedom even if it has to end sometime.

Navigate through the night’s imagination
Wandering in this endless time
Running through the night

2. Trigger

Seori expresses a rebellious and fiery side of hers with Trigger. Lyrics about the different layers and faces people have are weaved in smoothly with unpredictable beats to create a catchy tune.

Bite me like that again
You hid the bullet in the sand
Do it like me
Now you choose to trigger or stay

3. The Long Night (feat. Giriboy)

Seori’s gentle voice and Giriboy’s low tone come together perfectly to create an emotional track about insomnia and despair that comes from being away from your lover at night.

The long night is on the way
Taking you away
I cannot sleep anyway

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