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SBGB, an abbreviation of Saebyeokgongbang (새벽공방), are a female duet consisting of Yeowoon and Heeyeon. With a name that’s literally translated as ‘battle at the break of day’, you would think their music was some aggressive mix of rock, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. SBGB’s music can be classified as easy listening for when regular easy listening is too intense. Yes, their music is that mellow.

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Although they debuted in 2016 with the digital single Umbrella, it wasn’t till their release of the Korean dub of Card Captor Sakura did the duo gain some popularity in the indie circle. Since then, they’ve released two full albums, countless EPs and even a few OSTs. There’s a magical quality to SBGB’s music. Perhaps it’s their dreamish manic pixie girl vocals, the calming qualities of a piano played exclusively an octave too high, or the calming warm tones of an acoustic guitar. Perhaps it’s all these put together. The end result is a listening experience that almost guarantees to wash over negativity and bring you to a quieter state. And while little is known about their next album, you can follow them on Instagram or YouTube for their renditions of popular songs such as Celebrity (IU) or Life Goes On (BTS).


Here are the top three tracks you should check out from SBGB:

1. Radio 199.3

From their first full album, Midnight Radio, Radio 199.3 describes waking up to the loneliness of dawn only to have it washed away upon hearing the voice of a special someone.

At any sad dawn

When the rain that resembles my dawn falls

A rainbow will float by the cloudy window


2. Longest Dream

In Longest Dream, SBGB brings across the melancholy of counting down to the end beautifully. After all, it’s often moments from the end of something wonderful that you start to question if goodbye is really necessary or if the hands of time could somehow stop.

If only we can always be together like now

I won’t wake up

For a long, very long night’s dream

3. Sun Shower

A sudden downpour on a bright summer day brings back painful memories of a beautiful summer spent with someone who is now but a distant memory.

The rain that falls after a year

Like a memory I’ve tried to erase

It falls sadly


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