Stratosphere: OoOo enchants with her angelic voice colour

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Right from the first listen, OoOo (read as Ornette)’s clear and angelic voice colour will pull you in. She first made her Soundcloud debut with youcomeandbemyflower in 2018. The lyrics are simple without profound phrases yet her dreamy voice is what makes her songs so appealing. Regardless of genre, the dreamy and ethereal mood permeates all of her songs. OoOo also chooses not to focus on what genre of music she wants to create. Instead, she focuses on doing what she wants and the raw emotions she wants to put into every song.

Just this year alone, she has released 2 full EPs, totalling 14 tracks. Every track has its own distinct sound and meaning. Some have more upbeat rhythms while some have a more melancholic melody. Beyond music production, she is also majorly involved with the creative direction of her album as a whole. Some of these credits include directing her own music video for ‘Irony’ to designing the artwork for ‘fuxxin’ love’ and the ‘19’ HEAVEN’ album. With her diverse discography and concepts, OoOo is definitely someone to look out for.

Photo Credit: @oooo_ornette on Instagram

Have a magical end to your year by diving into the dreamy world of OoOo’s music with these 3 tracks.

1. Irony

From her latest EP ‘There are things that cannot be filled with anything: 5things’, this title track lulls listeners in with its hypnotic melody and sentimental lyrics. While this whole album focuses on the concept of emptiness, her enchanting vocals will definitely fill your heart with comfort.

Deep inside irony
The feelings at that time made me more lonely
I can’t let you go again

2. Alone

This track is one that OoOo chose as the one she thinks best represents her as an artist. Despite having a bright and upbeat instrumental, she puts her raw feelings of loneliness and depression into the lyrics. This contrast lets you feel the sincerity she puts in her music and uncovers who OoOo is as an artist further.

I hate myself but I live again
I open my eyes as the night swallows me
I become small and disappear again

3. Beautiful

By looking at the album artwork that OoOo designed, it envelops audiences in a lovely and soothing mood. Her alluring harmonies and calming tune make this a soothing track to listen to when you want to reminisce about all the beautiful memories created this year!

Every moment together
Everything you give to me
It is beautiful

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