Stratosphere: on_poem weaves daily life into poetic tracks

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Drawing inspiration from the depths of life, on_poem creates music that is characterised by its relatable yet dream-like and gentle qualities. Her name ‘on_poem (온시) comes from flipping her birth name Sion (시온), which seeks to reflect the poetic nature of her music. 

Her soft and emotive voice paired with her empathetic lyrics and soothing melodies create moving tracks that present themselves as an oasis of calm in a world weighed down by chaos and stress. The sincerity of her music will be sure to touch your heart wherever you are.

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Bask in the beauty of daily life with these 3 tracks from on_poem.

1. Dear

The poignant and heartfelt ballad begins with simple guitar chords to provide a tender backdrop for her delicate vocals. The addition of the cello then elevates the dreamy and ethereal atmosphere as the song progresses. Lyrically, Dear. is a sincere love letter, expressing the yearning for a loved one.

I miss you a lot, quite a lot
I think of you on a quiet morning and smile

2. A Nomad seeking eternity 

A track that showcases her ability to create more majestic sounds, it utilises layers of bass, drum and organ music to set a reverent and contemplative tone. With haunting harmonies of ‘Ah~’ included in the lyrics, it will resonate with listeners with its themes of searching for meaning and eternity in this journey of life. 

Tell me where to go
I am wandering in search of eternity

3. Thirst

Despite the repetition of the same lyrics throughout the whole song, it creates a meditative feel that draws listeners in rather than feeling monotonous. The melancholic quality of her voice also creates a sense of intimacy and emotional depth and conveys the universal theme of longing.

I’m thirsty
I’ll give you love

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