Stratosphere: Low Hanging Fruits, the go-to band for easy listening pleasures

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Unified by a steadfast commitment to their craft since their humble beginnings on SoundCloud, Low Hanging Fruits has become a band to look out for in Korea’s live club scene. Their sound is as revitalising as a cool breeze on a hot summer’s day which is perfect for Singapore. With a delightful combination of vibrant instrumentals and light vocals, their music feels exceptionally welcoming, inviting anyone who listens to feel uplifted and embraced.

Like the gradual ripening of fruit on a tree, the trio’s approach to music is also refreshingly organic. They believe that their sound will evolve naturally without a predefined destination and this is also how they will be able to produce fresh music that is still uniquely theirs each time. So, whether you’re seeking for refreshing music to kickstart your day or simply looking for easy tunes to elevate your mood, Low Hanging Fruits has the perfect soundtrack for the moment.

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Chill out with these 3 tracks from Low Hanging Fruits.

1. You Are My Universe

This song fully encapsulates the golden memories of being with someone you treasure. When you listen to this track, the world around you seems to fade into insignificance and you become the universe for someone else, where time seems to stand still. The melody is breezy and inviting, so let it whisk you away into your happy memories!

Just let me know if you feel same
I feel something hot in my heart
It’s now or never that I’m telling you

2. Uncertain Minds

This song has an electrifying composition that will transport all listeners to a realm of cherished memories. The band created this song based on precious emotions forged through shared moments looking at the sunset. As you listen to its tender melodies, you’ll be sure to be swept away by a wave of nostalgia and a yearning for the youthful days spent with friends.

Start of sunset
Means day is over
Can you see me
Isn’t it sad

3. Together

In their latest release, the band sings about fleeting regrets about the past and how things would not have changed even if they went back in time. Despite the melancholic meaning, this song is an emotional journey that beckons one to close your eyes and reminisce on the good bygone times with acceptance instead of grief. 

Feels like it’s been ages since we were together
Everything’s alright, everything’s alright
If I’d done better, would you have stayed here forever?
Everything’s alright, everything’s alright

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