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Despite his debut in 2014, singer-songwriter Jukjae was better known as a guitarist for renowned artists like IU, Sam Kim, and Taeyeon. But when actor Park Bo-gum sang his song ‘Let’s go see the stars’ for a TV commercial in 2020, Jukjae came into the limelight. He also gained further recognition after appearing in JTBC’s music reality show, Begin Again, where they travelled around the world to perform on the streets. Since then, he has been steadily growing his own fan base with his lyrical and sentimental songs. 

After dabbling in a variety of genres from jazz to hip-hop, he discovered that ambient songs with a guitar sound resonated best with him. He gained inspiration from other artists’ styles during collaborations, making sure to add unique guitar sounds to personalize them for the artist he is working with. 

In every song he creates, Jukjae seeks to deliver sincere emotions in the lyrics. To him, not having any set clear goals kept him going throughout the years. By doing so, he believes that it has allowed him to be free in creating the music he wants. Rather than pressuring himself to achieve something, he enjoys letting things go with the flow. 

Photo Credit: 안테나 on Facebook

Here are 3 tracks from Jukjae to check out.

1. Holding hands or walking together.

As the first release under the travel project, Trip: Tape, which combines travel and music entertainment, this single will surely make you feel warm inside with his lovely vocals and sweet lyrics. It will definitely lift your spirits and soothe your heart on a tiring day.

To be completely honest
Looking in the same direction as you
I want to match your steps
I think I really came to love you

2. Shining, My 2006

Jukjae reminisces the bright and happy memories of the past with this song. The year in the title ‘2006’ represents the year he first embarked on the route to becoming a musician when he enrolled at the Seoul Institue of the Arts at the age of 17. Performing with his college mates was a precious memory that stuck with him. This song was created to capture “the most beautiful and innocent time” in his life.

Thank you for leaving me
With only good memories
My 2006 year was shining
Even after time passes

3. Camellia (duet with HYUK)

Like how the camellia flower represents love and devotion, this track embodies true love’s everlasting and unconditional nature. The lyrics emphasize how they would always return to the one they love even if given another chance to live their lives. Jukjae and HYUK’s vocals also blend harmoniously to elevate the emotions felt.

Even if time rewinds
And today becomes my last day
It’s you, always it’s you

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