Stratosphere: Doorlesshouse invites you in with dreamlike music

Photo Credit: @doorlesshouse on Instagram

Doorlesshouse is a four-member indie band that seeks to make music where everyday life and imagination collide. Their music is a fusion of dreamy sounds and introspective lyrics that creates an enchanting atmosphere to pull listeners in.

From left to right, the four members are Song Yeo-jin (bass), Son Hyo-jin (vocals), Park Sung-jun (drums) and Kim Min-shik (guitar). Bringing their own unique talents and creativity to the band’s music, they create calming and emotive music that is a perfect escape from the chaos of the world.


Photo Credit: @doorlesshouse on Instagram

Enter Doorlesshouse’s dreamlike world with these 3 tracks.

1. Nighttime Walk

Opening with a gentle and addictive guitar riff followed by ethereal vocals, it creates a rich and atmospheric soundscape. The imagery of walking at night with someone in the lyrics conveys a sense of comfort and companionship in the midst of solitude. 

The many roads I walked with you
I keep thinking about it and walking again

2. To My Friend Whose Time Doesn’t Flow

For those seeking a calmer sound, this folk and ballad hybrid track is the perfect one for you. With its slow tempo and high melodies, it will transport you to a world of serenity. The vocals also smoothly glide over the verses and will definitely stick to your ears. 

Oh I lost you, I lost you
Please say it was a dream

3. My Own Private Hometown

The Korean title of this song directly translates to ‘my heart’s hometown’ which captures the essence of this track — a deep yearning for the memories of youth and home. The haunting vocals and nostalgic lyrics blend together seamlessly to create a deeply moving listening experience that effectively conveys a melancholic and reflective tone.

Believe in time and get lost
Lie on the floor
And close your eyes

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