Stratosphere: Damons year saturates every song with raw emotions

Photo Credit: @littlemushydickens on Instagram

Damons year stays relatively private, without disclosing much of his personal life or music production process to the public. However, whenever he returns with new music, it is always saturated with raw emotions that listeners can resonate with.   

Even on his official YouTube channel, he only has 1 video uploaded. With a 34 minutes runtime, Damons year performs the tracks from his ‘HEADACHE.’ album live in this first video uploaded. By watching him perform with the band in the dilapidated building as the rain falls softly in the background, it reveals the type of artist he is. Through this video, he also hopes that it will be able to relieve the pain and stress that people experience in their lives, much like medicine for a headache.


Photo Credit: @littlemushydickens on Instagram

Immerse in the melancholy Damons year delivers with these 3 tracks.

1. ai

As the first track for his ‘HEADACHE.’ album, it kicks off with haunting guitar riffs paired with his melancholic and clear vocals. The instrumentals stay consistently mellow but the lyrics escalate and explode with emotion in the chorus. Midway through the song, strong percussion beats also thump rhythmically, resembling the pounding sensation of a headache that comes with heartache. 

Don’t leave me alone before darkness arrives
If you’re not here, I really want to die

2. nite

As compared to ai with its strong instrumentals, nite uses a gentle and soft piano arrangement. Damons year sings about the regret and longing he has for someone who he took for granted in the lyrics. With his earnest vocals, the raw emotions will definitely tug on your heartstrings even harder.

No matter how much I turn my head, you are nowhere
I search for you but I can’t see your light

3. yours

His most popular track to date, it is also one that is the most lighthearted and easy to listen to! The lyrics encapsulate the beauty of the simple things in life and love and would be sure to make you reminisce about your own bygone days.

I will hold your hand,
You can just relax
Let’s simply walk as the peaches blossom

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