Stratosphere: Colde, the boy genius from Soundcloud

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Colde, born Kim Heesu, is probably a genius.

The 25-year-old vocalist, one half of indie duo offonoff, started the same way as most mumble rappers (read: Soundcloud) before being discovered by DEAN. They went on to join Club Eskimo, DEAN’s motley crew of R&B artistes, in 2015 before officially debuting later that year.

As is the case with most geniuses, being around other like-minded individuals played an integral part in unlocking his potential. In early 2018, his performance on Mnet’s ‘Breakers’ made headlines in South Korea while his first solo album later that year made charts. He even released a song under SM Entertainment’s Station project earlier this year. Talk about coming up roses!

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There’s a certain undeniable magic in Colde’s music that puts his listeners at ease. The instrumentals are never excessively complicated; his lyricism is simple, emotive and raw; and to top it all off, he has dreamy vocals that are oh-so smooth. For someone who cites Kanye and Kendrick as his favourite artistes, most of his music completely contrasts their styles.

The quintessential Colde sound is groovy and low-key. It’s the kind of music you listen to when rain is pitter-pattering against your windows and you’re wrapped snugly under your sheets. Right from the get-go, his albums are brimming with emotion before quite literally fading to nothingness, leaving you scrambling to press repeat. Falling in love with Colde and his music is like being swept away by a veritable wave and I’d frankly have it no other way.


Here’s the top three tracks you should check out from Colde:

  1. DNA (Original Song by BTS)

Colde’s dreamy cover of DNA takes the classic BTS song and tones it down a few notches, doing a complete 180 on the original. It’s the lounge groove you never knew you wanted and an absolute vibe.

We’re completely different baby

Because we’ve found our destiny


  1. Your Dog Loves You (feat. Crush)

This adorable song is a tribute to man’s best friend. The music video stars a bunch of different doggos and puppers with a meaningful message behind it – to raise awareness of and encourage pet adoption.

When I walk with you

I feel that you love me


  1. WA-R-R

If you’re looking for the quintessential Colde sound, look no further than WA-R-R. It has everything that makes Colde, well, Colde. A groove-driven melody accompanying a voice smoother than most whisky, and lyrics lamenting the vicious cycle and pitfalls of love.

At times you heartlessly toss me aside,

And punish me with anxiety

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