Stratosphere: ALEPH creates musical poetry of everyday life

Photo Credit: @jon_geaje on Instagram

Lee Jeong-jae, known by his moniker ALEPH emerged into the music scene in 2017 and has since been diligently releasing new music every year. With multiple releases each year, he is dedicated to crafting music that will fit every season in your life. At the core of ALEPH’s musical identity lies his soulful and soothing voice. His songs usually have a laid-back energy that is easy for any listener to get into.

ALEPH first started gaining attention when J-Hope of global boy group BTS tweeted out a video of himself listening to ALEPH’s song ‘No One Told Me Why’. With a huge fervent fanbase, known as ARMY, their fans started streaming ALEPH’s song and it has become one of his most popular and most streamed songs in his repertoire. In response, he also expressed his gratitude through his craft and composed ‘Hope’ as a tribute song to J-Hope and ARMY. 

Photo Credit: @jon_geaje on Instagram

Unveil the poetic melodies of ALEPH with these 3 tracks.

1. Fall in Love Again

ALEPH made his debut with this digital single that captures the sincere and bittersweet feeling of wanting to hold on to a loved one. Each note is infused with a tender authenticity that will be sure to touch your heart.

If you let me
Go back to the time
When I fell in love
Won’t you let me fall in love again?

2. Baekdusan

Baekdusan paints a vivid allegory by casting tigers who used to live together but got separated to represent the unity that once existed between North and South Korea. At its core, it is a song that encapsulates a yearning and hope for reconciliation and reunification. Amidst the heavy themes, it offers solace through its comforting and gentle melody.

They said that the tigers used to live together
But got separated some time ago
I hope you get to visit the forest of tigers after you’ve grown up

3. Letter

This song serves as a heartfelt letter to invite listeners to open up about their joys and sorrows in life instead of keeping these swallowed emotions to themselves. With his mellow and warm vocals, the song is delivered with utmost sincerity to create a safe space for listeners to unwind after a hard day.

Once again when I think of you
I will run to you one step at a time
All your swallowed emotions
Please write a letter to me

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