Stratosphere: 5wol reflects on life’s beauty with his music

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5wol weaves melodies that mirror the beauty of life that can touch the hearts of all listeners. The singer-songwriter first debuted in 2019 and has been steadily releasing indie ballads that reflect the various emotions of the human experience. From the highs to the lows of daily life, his lyrics resonate with a raw authenticity, accompanied by his soft and alluring vocals.

His musical compositions are usually simple, with arrangements that are easy on the ears. With that, his music invites listeners to a tranquil space and creates an ambience perfect for reflection and introspection. 

Photo Credit: @5wollll on Instagram

Here are 3 tracks from 5wol to unwind with.

1. Hesitation

His latest release has a slow, contemplative melody that resembles a gentle current that sets the mood for a reflective journey. With pure and easy tunes, it acts as a vessel to transport listeners to a space where their sentiments can flow freely as they reflect on bygone relationships that can only stay as a memory of the past. 5wol’s mellow and warm vocals are also the perfect companion for quiet nights or moments of vulnerability. 

I’m wandering around by your side
Until now, I thought it was love
I didn’t know what I was to you

2. My Youth (feat. Cloud moon)

The lovely and heartwarming harmonies in the chorus become the very heartbeat of this song, which is refreshing on the ears. The melodies have a timeless charm that echoes the sentiment of looking back fondly on childhood and cherishing life’s most beautiful moments. Every note and lyric tugs at the heart and is the ideal song for those who wish to revisit the treasured moments of the past. 

More than our many pains
My childhood will be cherished and remembered
Coming and going in a deep conversation
May it remain beautiful enough to make you smile

3. Our World

This song invites listeners to wander through a garden of emotions where 5wol likens life to living in a world where a garden of flowers blooms across different seasons. His lyrics draw a parallel between a heart being filled with love with flowers blooming vibrantly in a garden. The soft, gentle melodies convey an ethereal warmth that will make you feel all fuzzy inside. 

Our garden without anyone
The conversations we had there
The love we exchanged while looking at each other
It’s the season of flowers blooming now, you and me

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