Seoul Yummy introduces So-Myon menu and Gochujang Crab dish for National Day


Not only is Seoul Yummy known for serving up Korean cuisine, you might also recognise them for the countless number of frames of famous K-pop Idols on their walls.

This August, Seoul Yummy brings in a new menu of So-Myon (long thin noodles) dishes that will only be available until 31st September. So-Myon is different from the typical Korean Ramen, think of it as a delicate dish with a chewy texture. Often served at birthdays and wedding celebrations, it’s often seen as a symbol of longevity. Seoul Yummy even went the extra mile to import the noodles from Korea to ensure the authentic taste.

Seoul Yummy’s So-Myon are available in various choices such as Pork Belly ($10.90++), Spicy Chicken ($10.90++), Beef ($12.90++) or Clams ($11.90++), served in either the spicy Kimchi or savoury Doenjang soup. If you’re craving for something more traditional, opt for the nourishing Samgyetang So-Myon ($13.90++) instead! If a bowl of noodles isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, turn it into a meal to get Korean Dumplings and Barley Tea, that should be enough to fill you up.


Seoul Yummy So-Myon Promotion
Photo Credit: Seoul Yummy


In line with National Day, Seoul Yummy has also decided to put a twist on Singapore’s iconic Chilli Crab with their Gochujang Crab! Gochujang is a thick, sticky condiment that’s spicy and very concentrated and pungent in flavour that goes well with Bibimbap. A very bold and unusual combination indeed, but be sure to act fast as this item will only be available for the month of August! Pro tip: Get to taste these crabs for just $5.40 with every Double Double set (includes 1 signature stew, 1 appetizer & 2 desserts) as the ala carte is going for $15!

Seoul Yummy Gochujang Crab
Photo Credit: Seoul Yummy


You can have a taste of the new dishes at the following Seoul Yummy outlets:


Causeway Point

ION Orchard


Junction 8

Square 2

Singpost Centre

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