Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition is ARMY-approved

Samsung S20+ BTS Edition

The world was introduced to Samsung and BTS’s collaboration of the Galaxy S20 model known as the Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition in June this year. Since then, the product has been on the market and NEW GRAVITē was given the chance to try the Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition out! We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let our ARMY in the team try out the special features and find out exactly how well suited this phone is.

When the parcel first arrived, one could not help but to notice the eyecatching box which seemingly is perfectly crafted for ARMYs (talk about on-point branding). The 7 purple hearts accurately reflect the number of BTS members and the colours captures the theme of “보라해 (borahae)” – coined by BTS Member, Kim Taehyung. It means “I purple you”, a combination of 보라 (bora) Violet and 사랑해 (saranghae) I love you.

Samsung S20+ BTS Edition

Samsung S20+ BTS Edition

Since we are not tech experts, we would not bore you with the spec details. But of course, we had to test the functions that mean the most to us – the camera. While the Galaxy S20+ is known for its innovative camera functions with larger sensors and integrated intelligence, we tested it out and even did a BTS Dynamite Inspired-Photoshoot. Check it out on our Instagram and you can be the judge of the camera’s quality.


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If you’re an ARMY that owns a Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition, it’s time to take it out and have a fun shoot while you’re at it!

Samsung S20+ BTS Edition

As fans, we believe the thing you’ll look out for the most are the photocards, and you will not be disappointed to own these 7 exclusive photocards. If you are photocard collector, you definitely do not want to miss these gems out.

Samsung S20+ BTS Edition

The thing that also struck us the most was the purple hue design on the back of the phone that looks really slick and cool in person and if you’re observant enough you’ll notice a purple heart on the camera as well!

The box also comes with a clear case to protect that gorgeous looking purple hue. You also have the option to decorate it with the fun and delightful sticker set that comes with the box filled with many BTS references – an absolutely fun way to personalise your Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition.

All in all, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition is ARMY-approved! If you’re an ARMY thinking of switching up your phone for the new year, let’s just say this can definitely can be a serious contestant right here.

Bonus: Watch us do a quick unboxing to see what’s inside!

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