5 underrated songs from PENTAGON you need to listen!

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With the PENTAGON World Tour [PRISM] nearing, these are some of the underrated songs from PENTAGON that you might not have heard. The 9 member group from CUBE Entertainment consists of Hui (Leader of the group), Jinho, Hongseok, Yan An, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino and maknae (youngest member) of the group WooSeok. Debuted in 2016, the group recently celebrated their 3rd year since their debut on 10th October and have had popular hits like “Shine” in 2018 and most recently, “Humphm!” for their latest comeback.

Besides their popular hits, these are some of the underrated songs you might not have heard from this group of talented boys.

1. Just do it yo! (Thumbs Up!, 2018)

The song starts off with an acoustic guitar, you know it’s gonna be one of those feel-good and chill songs. This is the go-to song when you want to unwind or if you’re in the mood for a vacation (think palm trees and clear sunny skies)! It doesn’t hurt to indulge in a little escapism from a hectic day, even if it’s through a song!

Do not worry
We leave for a while today

2. You Are (PENTAGON, 2016)

PENTAGON is mostly known for their upbeat and fun tracks, but not known to many are their soft, emotional and ballad-ish songs as well! A song that not only captivates your heart but the mind too! Sit back, relax and let the feels overwhelm you as they sing your way into your hearts with “You Are” (don’t miss out on Jinho’s unbelievable vocals at the end as he goes all out with his high notes)

My hopeful heart
Is like a flower blossomed in darkness
I hope I can
Protect your smile
I hope you won’t let go of my hand

3. Let’s go together (Postive, 2018)

A song that you should listen to if you had a rough day at work, the lyrics behind this song goes to show that it’s alright and your friends will be there for you to get through the day so don’t think that you’re alone in this journey we call life! The ultimate comfort song that we all need to hear at least once!

Why am I struggling? I look in the mirror
I shout but it doesn’t change anything
It’s alright, alright, it’s alright, alright
Let’s go together, us together
Everything’s alright, alright

4. Beautiful (Produced by Jang Ilhoon of BTOB, 2017)

Produced by their sunbae (senior), Jang Ilhoon of BTOB, this was a special single for PENTAGON. If you ever find yourself second-guessing or doubting yourself, this song is a total self-esteem booster!

Everything is beautiful, just the way you are
Like the stars that won’t turn off
I’m so proud of you next to me
Even if I’m born again
I won’t change

5. Stay Crazy (Five Senses, 2016)

As youths, we’re all faced with different set of challenges and problems and we’re bound to feel stressed out over academics, work or life in general but sometimes we take things too seriously that we forget that child-like innocence we once had and that it’s okay to let loose a little and that life’s all about balance and we all could afford to be a little “crazy” in a sense once in a while.

It’s alright to let go, it’s okay to stay crazy
No one knows what will happen
Live today

In a lot of ways, PENTAGON’s songs are really a reflection of what youths are going through and how they feel in today’s context but expressed through songs. These songs are honestly something most youths need to hear, sometimes we get too tense and overworked that we lose sight of the things that matter and sometimes all we gotta do is loosen up a little and take a step back and let go of things and be okay with it.

If you have yet to get your tickets to PENTAGON’s PRISM Concert happening on 2 November (Saturday), 6pm, it’s not too late! You can still get your tickets here. Time to take time off your busy schedule and spend a special evening chilling with your friends and PENTAGON as all ticket holders will get a hi-touch opportunity with the boys!

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