Love Alarm to premiere on Netflix – 22 August!

Photo Credit: Netflix

The official trailer for Netflix’s new series, Love Alarm, has finally arrived!

Photo Credit: Netflix

The series is an adaptation from the popular Korean webtoon by Chon Kye-young and is set in a world where an app rings when someone within a ten-meter radius has feelings for you. It will star Kim So Hyun (Who Are You: School 2015 / Radio Romance) as Jojo, Song Kang (Man Who Sets the Table) as heartthrob Sun Oh, and Jung Ga Ram (Mistress) as old fashioned romantic Hye Young and premieres August 22, exclusively on Netflix.

Sun Oh, who has more likes on his app than he can reciprocate, is intrigued by Jojo who, according to the app, has no feelings for him. Sun Oh’s best friend, Hye Young, believes in expressing his love the traditional way instead of relying on an app. Expect plenty of drama as a love triangle quickly unfolds and the morality of having your feelings paraded 24/7 is put into question.

Check out the trailer below:

Don’t forget to catch Love Alarm exclusively only on Netflix on 22nd August 2019!

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