Food Review: Wall’s Limited Edition Mango and Red Bean Korean Bingsu & Injeolmi Mochi

Could this be the quick fix to your Bingsu craving?

7-11 Limited Edition Bingsu

Hungry for a snack, I decided to head to the 7-11 near my block to get a bag of chips. While in the queue, I spotted a a mini freezer near the counter with a sticker that wrote “Limited Edition Bingsu & Mochi. Made In Korea“. Although it’s been a while since I had my last Bingsu (Korean shaved ice) , I instantly knew I had to do a review. As more Bingsu shops are closing its doors in Singapore, Wall’s has recently decided to release three new limited edition products which they claim to be “Made In Korea” – Injeolmi Mochi with Vanilla Ice Cream filling, Red Bean Bingsu and Mango Bingsu.

7-11 Limited Edition Bingsu

We decided to put these Bingsus to a taste test to find out how close they fare to the real deal.

First impressions? The packaging is really cute and well thought of, they even include a handy spoon for you just in case you’re on the move. The image of the petite sized bingsu on the packaging looks promising as well, while the mochi just looks like what it’s supposed to be.


Injeolmi Mochi with Vanilla Ice Cream filling

At first glance, it looked like a huge scone due to its colour. However, don’t let its appearance fool you, it still had the soft and squishy texture a mochi should. The taste was not too bland, the amount of filling was just right and tasted like an actual mochi. The vanilla filling was not too sweet, just to my liking. The good thing about this is that it’s convenient to eat, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

Price: $3.80

Rating: 3/5


Mango Bingsu with Fresh Yoghurt Ice Cream

When you first open the lid, the presentation looked nothing like what it did on the cover. A pity because expectations vs reality really hit me this time. The taste was overwhelming, you could clearly taste the mango flavour as it was very strong and it was also a tad too sweet for my liking. For those who would prefer it not to be too sweet, my advice would be not to mix the cream on top with the ice flakes below it.

Overall, a very strong taste of mango. People who really enjoy mango flavours and the fruit might enjoy this one.

Price: $4.90

Rating: 2.5/5


Red Bean Bingsu with Almond Flakes

The presentation seemed slightly better for this, not too sure if it was because of the almond nuts or the colour of the cream but it definitely looked much more promising. The taste was just right, not overly sweet while still keeping to the authentic taste of red bean. If you love a very traditional taste, I would recommend this. Would get this again rather than the Mango Bingsu.

Price: $4.90

Rating: 3/5


With it being limited edition, this means that there’s a possibility these products will not be here for long, so if you want to try it, act fast!

Where to buy them?

They’re available in most major supermarkets in Singapore

Final Verdict?

I would rather satisfy my sweet tooth cravings from an actual Bingu shop or cafe that makes it from scratch than a conveniently packaged Bingsu any day. However, if I had to pick one to buy again, I’ll most likely go for the Red Bean Bingsu.

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