Highlights from WayV Fanmeeting Tour [Phantom] in Singapore

They express their desire to come back soon.

WayV visited Singapore for the first time and performed in front of their fans, WayZenNi, at The Star Performing Arts Centre on June 2, 2023. This marked the sixth stop on their global fan meeting tour. Their latest album ’Phantom,’ has topped numerous music charts worldwide, reaching No. 1 on iTunes’ Top Album Charts in over 24 different regions, including Singapore.

Needless to say, the crowd was filled with excitement to witness WayV’s electrifying performance, evident by the venue already adorned with their lightsticks even before the fan meeting began.

Photo Credit: CK Star Entertainment

Starting the fan meeting with ‘Kick Back,’ fans cheered loudly for WayV as they delivered a powerful performance. Their strong dance moves and captivating live vocals throughout the fan meeting stood out and charmed the audience.

Photo Credit: CK Star Entertainment

In addition to performing their songs, WayV also engaged in interactions with their fans. During the first group introduction segment, Ten updated their fans on Kun’s recovery from his ankle injury. Kun reassured the fans that he’s making progress and even stood up to walk around, although the fans quickly asked him to sit down. Despite not being able to fully participate in certain choreography-heavy songs such as ‘Action Figure’ and ‘Nectar’ Kun displayed his dedication and effort by dancing with his upper body while showcasing his beautiful vocals.

Photo Credit: CK Star Entertainment

Apart from ‘Kick Back’, the members also performed many well-loved songs such as ‘Dream Launch,’ ‘Diamonds Only,’ and ‘Broken Love’. The rendition of ‘Broken love’ was the most memorable stage for me personally, the melody is still lingering in my mind.

The members also played in a new game during their fan meeting in Singapore that had never been included in their previous shows. Each member was assigned challenges, with Hendery, YangYang and Ten posing cutely and sexily for the crowd, while XiaoJun had to expressed his love for each member in a different way. Kun and YangYang also engaged in the pepero game. The crowd went wild with excitement, and the boys appeared to be having fun, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

We were also able to see each member’s sense of humour during their talking segments. Ten and Hendery also shared fond memories of their separate visits to Singapore when they were younger.

Photo Credit: CK Star Entertainment

The fan meeting ended with their latest title song ‘Phantom’ and b-side ‘Good Life’. Fans of WayV would be happy to hear that the boys expressed their desire to come to Singapore to meet their fans again. Ten even teased the possibility of a new WayV album, concert or even a solo project! All in all, the fan meeting is an unforgettable and fun experience.

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