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It's a BTS WORLD and ARMYs can live in it on 26 June 2019!

BTS World Game
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If you’re a fan of Mystic Messenger or have played a game or two on Episode, this just might be the game for you!

Korean boy group, BTS, is set to release another game as part of their global expansion plan. This time, their company, Big Hit Entertainment, in collaboration with one of South Korea’s biggest game publisher NetMarble Games will be releasing BTS WORLD. The game itself is expected to release on 26 June 2019 and fans are waiting with bated breath. The publishers have also given 3 dates for the games’ original soundtracks by 3 sub-units of the group – starting from 7 June 2019 at 6PM KST (5PM SGT) and every Friday after until it’s official release. There’s also a fourth song that might be released but that remains a mystery and we can only take a wild guess that it’s a group song for the game’s official release date.

So what exactly is BTS WORLD?

It is a new story-based simulation game from the boys, with over 10, 000 pictures and 100 video clips, as well as music recorded by the boys themselves. Players will take on the role of the boys’ manager and lead them to success – their tagline telling players that they will “See you there. 2012, when we first met.”, reminiscent of the group’s year leading up to their debut in 2013.

This will be their third game, having released a few others such as SuperStar BTS and Puzzle Star BT21 (released with their LineFriends creations – BT21).

Earlier this year, NetMarble had begun teasing the game on its official social media sites on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, an indication that the game is (finally) almost ready for take-off. Multiple media forms have already been uploaded in anticipation of the release – ranging from voice audios, videos, illustrations, and pictures of the boys – all pointing to a drama-esque storyline. In addition, some fans had previously chanced upon BTS members filming in various locations and have begun piecing together the clues from the media release as to what we might be able to see in the game.

Ready to jump into the BTS WORLD?

Since then, NetMarble has released a number of videos and simulations for users to experience what it’d be like in the game. Here’s what is already available to discover and enjoy:

The Website:

BTS World

Photo Credit: BTS WORLD

In the homepage, you may ‘apply to be the manager of BTS WORLD’, taking you to the pre-registration page for the game. Here you will take an aptitude test to match your ‘DNA’ to 1 of the 7 members and to attain an employee badge that indicates whose manager you are. You may retake the test as many times as you want to try out the various combinations to attain the member of your choice (I got JungKook and J-hope!).

More content is to be published on the website, curiously labelled “Coming Soon”, but in the meantime, you can test out your DNA and see which member matches you, as well as to explore the many photos and videos that they have already published.

The Original Soundtrack:

The game has also just released it’s first OST titled “Dream Glow” sung by members Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin in collaboration with Charli XCX as well as the second OST titled “A Brand New Day” J-Hope and V in collaboration with Zara Larsson available on all streaming platforms. “Dream Glow” features Jungkook’s melodic voice, coupled with Jimin’s unique tone and Jin’s high notes, elevating Charli XCX’s powerful vocals, the song has topped various Korean charts within it’s first hour of release as well as charted #1 on iTunes in 63 countries (and counting).

The App:

Along with the soundtrack, NetMarble has also released the game on the App Store for iOS users to ‘pre-order’. You can also get a better sense of what the game is going to be like with the video teasers as well as sample screenshots of the game’s interface.

For new fans, this might be a chance to learn more about the boys’ early debut days and for older fans, this may be another opportunity to reminisce with BTS and each other. Nonetheless, this game has a lot of people fans and non-fans alike awaiting its release.

Check out their latest teaser video!


With that much anticipation leading up to its release, will you be playing BTS WORLD when it comes out? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Official Website: https://btsw.netmarble.com/en/home

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